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2024 EOFY Sale ! Up to 35% Off!

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Spark Creativities for Boosted Productivity

All your creativities need to be supported by good tools, such as a quality display. Not only offering professional picture quality and details, it can also sustain your heavy monitor use and guarantee a comfortable viewing experience during your creative process.

How Eye-Care Protects Eye Health

Flicker-free is a technology which effectively eliminates your eye strain by keeping the screen from flickering which easily fatigues the eyes. To use a monitor without flickering is to ensure a comfortable work environment and great work efficiency.

Flicker-Free Eye Protection

When one sets eyes on the monitor for 8 hours, it means the eyes perceive 5.8 million times of flicker, causing eye strain and vision impairment. BenQ exclusive Flicker-free technology, certified by international TÜV Rheinland, is to eliminate the main cause for monitor flicker. Users are offered a chance to use monitor without compromise on eyes health or display quality.

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More Comfort Feature

Concentrative work on a flickering monitor makes your eyes tired easily. With Low Blue Light, it will block harmful blue light and effectively diminish eye fatigue and irritation. It helps create an optimal viewing environment for creative professionals.

How BenQ Eye-care Technology Works for Your Eyes?