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Eye-Care Brings You A Long-Awaited Viewing Comfort

Your Eyes, We Care

In today's digital era, people spend more and more time on digital devices for work and play in everyday life. As the industry-leading life solution provider, BenQ has developed its proprietary eye-care technologies for its monitor users to gain quality time for their viewing activities.

Customized for 4 types of monitor usage requests per various consumers, eye-care solution is to protect your eyes with its unique features.

Home User
Casual Browsing Needs Stable Light Sources

Engaged in casual browsing, homework studying, and binge-watching on the dazzling, bright monitor? Try a monitor which provides a comfortable view under various ambient light conditions.

Business Elite
Concentrative Work Benefits from
Comfortable View

Diagrams and financial statements tire the eyes of business elites easily as they stare at the monitor. To cope with the changing ambient light, adjustable on-screen brightness on a monitor is the solution.

Video Enthusiast
Enjoyable Experience Comes from Right Color Temperature

Movie enthusiasts and console gamers are consuming content under different lighting conditions. Find a monitor with adjustable color temperature!

Creative Professional
Your Creativities are Boosted by Flicker Eliminator

Long-time use on the monitor strains your eyes and distracts you from any creativities. A monitor with the flicker-free tech. will boost your creativities by ensuring your eye comfort.

How BenQ Eye-care Technology Works for Your Eyes?