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A recent study indicated that almost 60% of banks reported they had implemented digital display solutions to improve bank-client relationships. BenQ’s visual display solutions, engineered with modern banking in mind, aim to make services smarter and more personal. Greet customers with bright, vibrant images via a BlueCore Laser Projector that delivers brand message regardless of the bank's natural ambiance. Touch-controlled signage gives clients the opportunity to discover new banking options at their own pace. Moreover, with Super Narrow Bezel Display walls, bank operators can provide a seamless viewing experience to stream financial news and up-to-date stock market information.

Discover How BenQ Display Can Amp Up Banking Experience
  • With maintenance-free performance, the BlueCore Laser Projector is destined to perform and deliver superior images for years, ensuring that clients never had to experience unintentionally blank screens.
  • Exhibit financial information and stock market data with brilliant, clear images on a massive scale with BenQ's Super Narrow Bezel Display video walls.
  • The ultimate all-in-one 4K information display, Smart Signage’s MDA grants operators access to display controls, alert settings, and power settings, while X-Sign’s content creation and content scheduling reduces workload and allows for banks to show content tailored specifically for its branch.
  • Highly responsive touch-controlled Interactive Signage gives clients the power to explore new bank account offers and services on their own.
BlueCore Laser Projector
Reliable Projections Deliver Powerful Brand Messaging.
Long-Lasting, Superior Image Quality with Ultra-High Brightness

The BenQ BlueCore Laser Projector delivers an unmatched high-lumens brightness that is designed to deliver long-lasting superior image quality; ultimately presenting timely and accurate banking information in brilliant detail. With its dual color wheel system, the BlueCore Laster Projector also guarantees a superior color performance that delivers a flawless image while maintaining clarity, subtlety, and fidelity in both bright and dark ambiance.

Dynamic 360° and Portrait Projection Accommodate Different Spaces

Presenting in both 360° and portrait modes, BenQ’s versatile BlueCore Laser Projector can accommodate nearly any venue or banking project by projecting bank brand messages on walls, ceilings, floors, or even angled signage.

Motorized Zoom, Focus, Lens Shift and Memory

The wide range of BenQ’s powered zoom focus and horizontal/vertical lens shift systems give the BlueCore Laser Projector a perfectly proportioned image that adapts to difficult installation or placement challenges present at venues. Its internal memory allows operators to store preferred settings, for rapid adjustments whenever alignment irregularities popup.

Geometric Correction for Perfect Circular Projection

Designed to accommodate any space, whether it be corners, uniquely shaped or curved surfaces, BenQ’s BlueCore Laser Projector can be adjusted to display images onto seemingly impossible surfaces. Corner Fit Correction allows operators to fine-tune each corner individually to fit the image along all edges. To create perfect circular projection, Surface Fit Correction gives operators the flexibility to match display content to circular or curved surfaces. With BlueCore Laser Projector, bank operators can have the ultimate freedom to create compelling displays that greatly enhance visual impact.

Maintenance-Free and Enduring Reliability

The incredible BlueCore Laser Projector is engineered to support continuous 24/7 operation. Designed with a light source rated for 20,000 hours of operation at full brightness without lamp replacement, BenQ's BlueCore Laster Projector will perform uninterrupted during operation hours. Equipped with an internal advanced liquid cooling system, this laser projector is both quiet and reliable, moreover its hermetically sealed chassis prevents dust damage and image degradation, so brilliant images can continuously be projected without the slightest image quality loss.

Super Narrow Bezel Display
An Easy-to-Calibrate Video Wall Display with Simple-to-Use Administrative Tools
Ultra-Narrow Bezel Design for Immersive Experience

Taking the adage that “size does matter” to hear, BenQ designed a beautiful, sleek, ultra-narrow bezel display that packs a punch. Offering a seamless viewing experience, the Super Narrow Bezel Display allows for video walls that impress and delight.

Compatible with Multiple Display Administrator (MDA) Software

BenQ's powerful Multiple Display Administrator (MDA) software gives operators the tools to streamline scheduling and do centralized monitoring. Operators are in total control with MDA, reducing TCO and power consumption while offering real-time display monitoring.

Compatible with Color Calibration Application

Color calibration software saves time by unifying a video wall to match color profiles accurately and efficiently. When the software detects color irregularities through its measurement meter, a simple tap of the calibration key automatically generates a uniform color profile that is distributed to all connected displays. In a matter of seconds, the entire video wall can be calibrated.

Interactive Signage
A Self-Service Kiosk with Flawless Non-Stop Touch-Controlled Performance in a Sleek Package
Multi-Touch Capability

Highly accurate and reliable infrared technology gives BenQ's signage an edge. Easy to use and highly responsive, the excellent multi-touch capability supports up to 10 touch points at once, allowing for a more personal banking experience. By streamlining complex processes, clients can perform lower-level activities on their own, freeing up bankers for more high-value tasks.

Flawless Display in Portrait View

Engineered to create tighter fixing points between pixel edges, BenQ's Interactive Signage prevents “mura” distortion, a common problem seen in inferior vertical consumer displays. With BenQ's next-level Interactive Signage, stunning images can be presented with confidence in either horizontal or vertical orientations.

Ambient Light Sensor

Capable of detecting its surroundings, a complex sensor intelligently adapts and automatically adjusts brightness and contrast, reducing the energy consumption by as much as 50% while continuing to display the best image possible.

Smart Signage
Easy-to-Use Content and Display Management Solutions and Superior Image Quality
Built-in X-Sign Content Management Software

BenQ's X-Sign software is a powerful cloud-based content manager that makes creating, scheduling and displaying content across an entire network easy. Pre-packed with multiple templates that are professionally designed, X-Sign allows operators to quickly create display content that not only matches the brand image but also seizes clients’ attention. Moreover, with X-Sign content scheduling is made easy, as distribution can be done over the Internet, thereby allowing for centralized control and instant information update to all branches.

Slim & Stylish Design

With its narrow bezels along the edges, BenQ's Smart Signage looks brilliant and stylish, giving operators the opportunity to attract and impress clients with its sophisticated looks. Additionally, with its lightweight design, BenQ's Smart Signage can quickly and easily be mounted anywhere saving manpower and resources during installation. Moreover, rearranging the smart signage's placement is fast and easy.

Manage Multiple Displays with Multiple Display Administrator (MDA) Software

BenQ's exclusive Multiple Display Administrator (MDA) software is a green solution that cuts power consumption and effectively lowers TCO. Simply through the local network, MDA not only makes setting up on/off times across various displays easy, but it allows operators to remotely monitor display status in real-time, ultimately lowering maintenance costs for the bank.