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Enhancing Indoor Golf Experience: Unleash Revolutionary Realism with BenQ Golf Simulator Projector

Enhancing Indoor Golf Experience: Unleash Revolutionary Realism

BenQ Golf Simulator Projector

Discover the ultimate in sleek design

For the Bustling Dynamics of Commercial Venues

Enhancing hotel facilities and services, as well as the cosy confines of home environments.

It embodies a complete golfing experience that not only captivates guests but also sets your establishment apart in the competitive hospitality landscape. Far more than a leisure activity, BenQ Golf Simulation Projector enables a transformative gameplay experience, adding a distinctive edge to your offerings and elevating the customer experience profoundly.

Play Like
You’re There

with BenQ Golf Simulator Projector

Icon of Hotel Amenities

Hotel Facilities

Upgrade your hotel amenities with BenQ's comprehensive golf simulation solution and enhance guest experiences.

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○ Designed for both avid golfers and guests seeking unique leisure options.
○ Boosts satisfaction and encourages repeat visits.
○ The LU935ST model is perfect for enhancing guest experiences with exclusive indoor golf amenities.

Beyond delivering a high-end projector, BenQ’s indoor golf set ensures an immersive golfing experience with unmatched colour accuracy and realistic visuals, setting your hotel amenities apart as a premier destination for luxury and engagement.

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Photo of Hotel Amenities

Photo of Sport Bars
Icon of Sport Bars

Sport Club

BenQ’s Golf Simulator Projector goes beyond enhancing the viewing experience

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○ Adding a dynamic aspect where customers can actively engage in thrilling games.
○ The superior graphics ensures a realistic and immersive gameplay experience.
○ Increasing customer engagement and potentially boosting both foot traffic and the duration of their stay.

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Icon of Gyms and Fitness Centers

Gyms and Fitness Centers

Incorporate a golf and sports simulation system

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○ Offer members varied exercise options that combine fun with focused training.
○ Enriches the exercise experience, drawing a broader clientele.
○ Enhancing membership value with its engaging, educational approach to fitness.

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Photo of Gyms and Fitness Centers

Education Centers and Schools
Incorporate an engaging and educational golf simulation system to enhance student experiences.

● Promotes physical education by providing a fun and interactive way for students to learn and practice golf skills in a controlled and immersive environment.
● Encourages student participation with an engaging and technology-driven approach to sports.
● Enhances learning experiences by integrating golf simulation into various subjects, including physics, maths, and physical education.

Photo of Corporate and Residential Spaces
icon of Corporate and Residential Spaces

Corporate and Residential Spaces

BenQ’s indoor golf set is designed to enrich communal areas

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○ Transform corporate facilities and residential complexes by integrating a complete golf simulation setup.
○ Strategic investment in leisure and relaxation spaces aimed at enhancing employee productivity and fostering community engagement.

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Icon of In-home Recreation

In-home Recreation

Transform any home into a dynamic entertainment space with our golf simulation equipment.

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○ A flexibility to set up a personalised golf experience.
○ Suitable for DIY enthusiasts or those preferring professional installation.
○ Perfect for movie nights, making it a versatile addition to living space.

Without focusing on specific regions or the size of the home, our solution is designed to meet the diverse needs and lifestyle preferences of homeowners globally, offering a seamless blend of leisure and entertainment.

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Photo of In-home Recreation

Technological Excellence in Indoor Golf Sets

Technical Excellence in Indoor Golf Environments

BenQ Golf Simulator Projector combines technical sophistication with user-centric design for a superior indoor golfing experience:

Effortless Setup

Effortless Setup

It offers a large horizontal/vertical lens shift for effortless installation, enabling up to 60% vertical and 23% horizontal image adjustment. Coupled with 3D keystone correction, it ensures precise image alignment, making setup a breeze.

Flexible Installation

Flexible Installation

The projector adapts to any environment with various mounting choices, including ceiling and side projection. Its short-throw capability and adjustable aspect ratio guarantee full projection coverage in diverse spaces.

Seamless Connectivity

Seamless Connectivity

Equipped with HDMI 2.0 and DisplayPort 1.2a, BenQ Golf Simulator Projector ensures easy and versatile connection options for various devices.

Enhanced Visual Performance

Enhanced Visual Performance

BenQ Golf Simulator Projector offers up to 5,100 ANSI laser lumens for bright, vivid images in any light. Its laser diodes are precisely aligned to maximise brightness, while the durable DLP chip, protected against heat, ensures over 20,000 hours of clear, maintenance-free visuals.

Enhanced Color Accuracy

Enhanced Colour Accuracy

Tailored for golf simulations, the Golf Mode in our projector fine-tunes colour settings to authentically reproduce the vivid greens and blues of the golf course. This mode corrects colour aberrations and reduces unnecessary purples, ensuring the natural appearance of the sky and grass. The result is a significantly improved visual experience that brings every detail of the course to life with exceptional clarity. Explore our LU936ST model for peak performance.

4K Display Technology

4K Display Technology

Our 4K golf simulator delivers ultra-sharp, detailed images, rendering each golf course with precise realism. This high-definition clarity enhances every visual aspect, from the grass's texture to the landscapes' expansiveness, for an immersive golfing experience. For instance, the LK936ST projector for golf simulator delivers unparalleled clarity.

Best Golf Simulator Projectors

Best Golf Simulator Projectors


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Short Throw Hassle-free, Maintenance-free Laser Projector​

Behind the Swing:
Leisure Spaces Winning Big with BenQ

The ULTIMATE Golf Simulator Projector! BenQ LK936ST

Short-throw, flexible installation, and cost-effective: BenQ is the golf projector to choose!

Build a personal golf course at home | BenQ LK936ST

Build a personal golf course at home

BenQ Golf Mode - Can’t Get Enough of This Course

Playing Amen Corner off the TIPS! This Course is long off the back tees.

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Transform your setting with our advanced Golf Simulator Projector

Immersive Entertainment
Meets Interactive Sophistication

Designed for those who appreciate refined leisure, it brings the golf course to life with stunning clarity and realism. Discover a new standard in home or commercial entertainment that blends seamlessly into your lifestyle.

Begin your journey to exceptional entertainment. Reach out to our team of golf simulator experts and explore how BenQ Golf Simulator Projector can enhance your space.

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