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BenQ Closes the Gap in Engagement and Learning with the All New MX852UST and MW853UST Ultra Short-throw, Dual Screen- and Multi Touch-Enabled Interactive Education Projectors

BenQ Closes the Gap in Engagement and Learning with the All New MX852UST and MW853UST Ultra Short-throw, Dual Screen- and Multi Touch-Enabled Interactive Education Projectors


TAIPEI, TAIWAN, June 20th, 2014 – Internationally renowned provider of digital lifestyle and global DLP® education projector leader, BenQ unveiled today two new additions to its education projector line – the MX852UST and MW853UST. Infused with the company’s long-standing vision of future-proofing every classroom, the projectors engineered for quality, innovation and reliability and designed to bring increased productivity, efficiency, simplicity and enjoyment to educators, IT managers and school administrators. Building upon the success of BenQ’s Smart Interactive Classroom concept, the MX852UST and MW853UST are equipped with the seamless integration of ultra short-throw technology and PointWrite compatibility for dual-screen- and multi-touch-enabled interactivity to immerse teachers and students in a truly collaborative learning experience.


Featuring a virtually sealed engine design for filter-free maintenance and dust-proof durability, these DLP projectors are also built with an XGA/WXGA resolution, up to 3200 ANSI lumen brightness, 10000:1 contrast ratio, HDMI connectivity, built-in 20W speaker power, and LAN Control respectively for excellent picture quality that lasts for years.


“How interactive technologies have impacted the ways teachers and students communicate, interact and collaborate in class is absolutely phenomenal and it has truly inspired us to commit to an active role in preparing every school for a digitally integrated future,” Peter Huang, General Manager of BenQ’s Technology Product Center. “Our next-generation education projectors, the MX852UST and MW853UST, which are designed to provide schools with the next level of interactivity, versatility and ease for classroom instruction would be the perfect testament to this commitment.”


World-Leading Proprietary Ultra Short-throw Technology

Accompanying the popularity of interactive technology is the growing demand for short-throw projection. Built with BenQ’s ultra short-throw technology to bring a stunning 87” large projection image in a mere distance of 0.67meters, the MX852UST and MW853UST offer a great solution for up-close engagement and limited classroom space. With the projectors placed well out of students’ way, teachers can focus on and enjoy teaching without worrying about the class being interrupted by shadow disruptions or the intense projector light shining directly into everyone’s eyes.


PointWriteTM Compatibility for Varied Multi-Touch- and Dual-Screen Enabled Interactive Learning on Any Surface

Built to support BenQ’s latest PointWrite touch innovations, the MX852UST and MW853UST offer an upgrade option to turn any surface into an interactive, touch-based learning platform by utilizing an innovative infrared technology that supports a speedy 0.016fps writing response from a PointWrite Pen or an optional PointWrite touch module that enables the camera to detect up to four finger or objects. The multi-touch capabilities further support Windows 8 touch interface for group annotation tasks. Extending the interactivity is the world-leading dual-screen touch technology, which delivers a stunning, immersive learning experience. By connecting two projectors together to project two seamlessly merged screens, a super-size screen is created for a wide array of learning possibilities. This feature also enables cross-screen multitasking – allowing teachers to drawn down notes while playing videos. Easy to set up and flexible to use, requiring only 1 second for auto calibration * , the projectors make a cost-efficient and affordable investment for educators seeking to bring more excitement and creativity into their class.


Going forward, BenQ will continue to strengthen its education projector line with software and hardware projection innovations that enable simple yet versatile ways of teaching and learning across multiple devices. Because education matters.


The new MX852UST and MW853UST ultra short-throw education projectors will be available for the worldwide market in spring 2014. For more information, please visit


* The calibration speed is varied by computer CPU.