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BenQ Debuts G7-Certified Pro Graphics Series Color Management Monitors with X-Rite Collaborated Palette Master Calibration Software

BenQ Debuts G7-Certified Pro Graphics Series Color Management Monitors with X-Rite Collaborated Palette Master Calibration Software

TAIPEI, TAIWAN, September 5th, 2013 – BenQ, an internationally renowned expert provider of commercial display and digital signage solutions, today announced the launch of the Pro Graphics Series, its new professional color management monitors. Featuring G7, Fogra and other printing-industry color certifications of international ISO standards, as well as a 100% CMYK color space, 99% Adobe RGB color space, 14-bit 3D Look-Up-Table and processing and Delta E≤2, brightness uniformity function, the monitors are designed to meet the demanding color quality expectations of art, design, photography and print-making professionals during the process of color proofing. Together with Palette Master, the bundled color calibration software co-developed with X-Rite, a global leader in color science and technology, the monitors effectively improve design and proofing efficiency and lower the total cost of ownership, making them the ideal choice for system houses seeking the perfect hardware and software solution for their clients and printing houses in search for top-performing soft-proofing equipment for their oversea buyers and high profile buyers. For content creators, the new Pro Graphics Series would also make a great work companion, enabling an effective digital workflow with absolute content color consistency from designing to printing.

"X-Rite is pleased to have collaborated with BenQ's very talented R&D team to develop the Palette Master software for their new PG2401PT displays. Utilizing i1 core technology with additional functionality for power users, such as validation reporting for G7 and PSO, the PG2401PT delivers a very powerful solution that tackles the industry's challenges of color calibration, reproduction accuracy and consistency," said Steve Miller, Market Manager Imaging and Print of X-Rite. "We believe PG2401PT, combined with an X-Rite i1 Pro series and i1 Display pro device, will truly enhance the user experience and optimize work efficiency for imaging professionals."

"Color accuracy is the key to reliable soft proofing. Recognizing the crucial importance of managing the proofing process effectively and efficiently, our R&D team have worked hard to identify and tackle aspects of coloration that are the most challenging and meet the most rigorous standardized production printing requirements set by world-leading professional organizations in the process," said Peter Chen, General Manager of BenQ's Technology Product Center.  "It was not an easy task but we were able to do so with the full support of the BenQ Group from product development to manufacturing. We are proud to say that our new Pro Graphics Series, standing out from the competition, certainly has everything more to offer."

BenQ Pro Graphics Series, featuring the 24" PG2401PT (1920x1200), is tested rigorously against standard printing charts and real printing house results to achieve the highest color reproduction quality and accuracy. Several of its distinguishing features include:
  • G7, Fogra and other ISO standard print-quality certifications for print-perfect proofing efficiency and lowered total cost of ownership
  • 100% CMYK color space and 99% Adobe RGB color space to ensure the most accurate color reproduction
  • A 10-bit display panel for the smoothest shading and color transitions in natural gradations
  • 14-bit 3D Look-Up-Table and processing for improved RGB color blending accuracy, resulting in impeccable color and gray tone reproduction
  • Delta E2 to ensure color accuracy throughout project workflow, providing viewers with the truest impression of the original image while them saving time and money
  • Hardware calibration support that stores calibration data generated by the calibrator directly on the monitor’s IC to safe keep the most authentic and accurate calibration results
  • Brightness uniformity support that balances brightness and chromaticity for consistent image viewing across the entire display
  • Palette Master Software co-developed with X-Rite, is bundled color calibration software that can validate calibration according to G7/Fogra/Ugra criteria, making it easy to verify for international printing standards.

The BenQ Pro Graphics Series monitors will be available worldwide in September 2013. For more information, please visit