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BenQ Facebook page is Misused by Illegal 3rd Party to Defraud Consumers Online with False Job Advertisements

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BenQ Facebook page is Misused by Illegal 3rd Party to Defraud Consumers Online with False Job Advertisements


BenQ Expands Smart Business Solutions at Computex 2017

Building Futuristic Smart Community Through Smart Business Solutions


TAIPEI, TAIWAN, May 17th,2017 - BenQ Business Solutions will reveal its optimized and upgraded smart solutions, which focus on trending technologies like IoT, big data, and cloud computing, at Computex 2017. The wide range of solutions will cover a number of key verticals:

·  Smart Retail Solutions, rely on BenQ’s strength in hardware-software integration to release automated food ordering system, smart POS system, centralized content management system and automated meal-delivery robot. The solutions offer new directions for business operation in the service and retail industry through customer tracking, facial recognition, cloud management as well as big data management and analysis

·  Smart Manufacturing Solutions, continues to focus on high efficiency, accuracy and automation. Apart from showcasing surveillance and environment safety solutions, BenQ will also reveal its latest robotic automation solutions. Through the added value from optical inspection and visual positioning, the robot arms come with higher accuracy and can successfully reduce factory workforce by 51%.

·   Smart Healthcare Solutions, released the intelligent central supply robot MiBot to enhance efficiency in medical institutions by solving human resource shortage. MiBot facilitates the transportation of operating room wastes and equipment, which reduces the risk of cross infection while enhancing the operating rate of operating rooms by 30%.

·   Smart Transportation Solutions, aim to ensure the safety of vehicles and car rental owners’ properties through vehicle management applications such as vehicle data analysis, image monitoring, real-time vehicle tracking, and the integration of cloud and imaging technology.

·   Smart Enterprise Solutions, unveail corporate training solution platform integrated with AR (augmented reality) technology and Human Capital Management system

·   Smart Energy Solutions, aim to deliver a more optimized suite of energy management solutions.


“Our 6 smart business solutions focus on breaking into domestic and international markets through cutting-edge technologies like IoT, big data, and cloud computing,” said TL Tseng, President of BenQ Business Solution. 


BenQ successfully broke into the smart retail market by offering complete smart digital signage solutions for businesses through the partnership with Chunghwa Telecom. Additionally, BenQ also helped semiconductor manufacturers such as Sino-American Silicon Products incorporate smart energy efficiency services into their factories. In the smart healthcare sector, BenQ joined forces with Changhua Christian Hospital to introduce smart healthcare solutions including the MitBot and smart mattresses. To further expand business opportunities for its robot arms, BenQ gradually directed smart manufacturing solutions to manufacturing powerhouses in both Taiwan and China. The groundbreaking vehicle management solutions also established partnership with RAC Electric Vehicles Inc. by implementing the solutions into electric buses, guaranteeing a safer public transportation management.


Smart Retail -A streamlined and interactive food ordering process

BenQ’s smart retail solutions offer a comprehensive and enhanced software-hardware system integration service to satisfy retail owners’ needs to offer a one-stop shop model from automated order system, automated food delivery robot (DiBot) with route assessment capability, smart cashier system, and centralized content management system. The all-in-one solutions effectively use advanced technologies including customer traffic analysis, facial recognition, and cloud management to create targeted marketing and interactive shopping experiences.


Smart Manufacturing – The transformation opportunity for the manufacturing industry

BenQ’s smart manufacturing solutions help to upgrade manufacturing to the next level. Apart from continuously devoting to services such as smart networked equipment monitoring and management (SCADA) and smart environment security management (SESM), BenQ also offers robotic automation solutions, which equip machines with advanced capabilities like optical inspection and visual positioning through big data analysis and IoT technology. The robotic automation solutions offer a high dgree of flexibility and save more room in factories. The solutions successfully reduce human resource and factory space by 51% and 52% respectively, while enhancing the management of manufacturing productivity by 74%.


Smart Healthcare – Effecitvely enhance healthcare efficiency through MiBot

BenQ’s automated delivery robot for hospitals, MiBot, is capable of transporting operating room wastes and equipment, which leads to reduced risk of cross infection, enhanced healthcare efficiency and improved human resource management. Additionally, the smart mattresses, empowered by sensors and communiation components, can send monitoring data to mobile devices through IoT technology, so when patients fall down or accidents happen, the smart mattresses can send warning notifications right away, which makes it the best helper for home care and health monitoring.


Smart Transpotation – Prevent car accidents through IoT solutions

BenQ Business Solution applies its strength in IoT technology to smart applications such as analyze driving data, monitor images, track the real-time position of vehicles, and closely monitor the status of equipment in vehicles. These features allow car rental owners to track vehicles in real-time and manage drivers’ behaviors, which can effectively prevent car accidents.


‧BenQ Computex Taipei 2017

May 30 – June3

Nangang Exhibition

Booth No. L0118 (4F)