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Discover What You Need

BenQ lamp series combines advanced illumination technology with total eye comfort to fulfill all your needs. Now start your first intelligent eye-care desk lamp!

For Entertainment

The best desk lamp to extend your gameplay and movie binge-watching!


For Work

Office essentials - Double work productivity and enlighten your vision


For Education

Create a healthy learning & studying environment for your kids!


WiT eye-care monitor light to protect your eye health
Brightness Matters

Eye Care: Brightness is Key

BenQ WiT e-reading lamps fulfill all your family needs in every corner
BenQ Intelligent Lamps Fulfill All Family's Needs
Work, Learn and Entertain in Any Room
BenQ WiT e-reading desk lamp for family needs
BenQ WiT e-reading lamp - Piano Light

Ultra-wide lighting ‧ Automatic Dimming

BenQ WiT e-reading lamp - ScreenBar Monitor Light
Monitor Light ScreenBar

Auto Dimming ‧ Space Saving ‧ No Screen Glare

BenQ WiT e-reading lamp - MindDuo Study Lamp

MindDuo Desk Lamp

95cm Wide Illumination ‧ 2 Witty Lighting Modes ‧ Human-Centric Tech

BenQ WiT e-reading lamp -  Desk Lamp

WiT Eye-Care Desk Lamp

Wider Coverage ‧ Adjustable Color Temperature

Lamp Series WiT
Eye-Care Desk Lamp
Computer Monitor Light
Study Lamp
Piano Intelligent Lamp
Light Source‎
Dual Color LED‎ Dual Color LED‎ Dual Color LED‎ Dual Color LED‎
Center Illuminance 1800 Lux
(height 40cm)‎
Center Illuminance 1000~1300 Lux
(height 30~45cm)‎‎
Center Illuminance 1300~2000 Lux
(height 40~50cm)‎
Keyboard Center Illuminance 800 Lux ; Music Sheet Center Illuminance 1000 Lux
(height 70cm from the keyboard)‎
Color Temperature‎
2700K~5700K‎ 2700K~6500K
‎(ANSI White 8 levels)
2700K~6000K 2700K~5000K
Luminous Flux
Compatible with Lamp Clamp, Floor Stand NA Compatible with Lamp Clamp NA
Compatible with accessories for multiple usage Space-saving and easy to set up Create an eye-care studying environment for children A professional light for piano learner
Discover What You Need
BenQ e-Reading Desk Lamp

Desk Lamp Series

BenQ eye-care Desk Lamp series is designed for designers, engineers, architects, studying and reading with auto-dimming, hue adjustable and no screen glare features.

BenQ PianoLight


Not only illuminate each key on your piano, but also balance brightness over every corner of your sheet music.

BenQ e-Reading Computer Desk Lamp ScreenBar

ScreenBar Series

BenQ eye-care ScreenBar series combines advanced illumination technology with total eye comfort, embodying the evolution of lighting solutions to enhance your work efficiency.

BenQ e-Reading Desk Lamp Accessory

Desk Lamp Accessory

BenQ eye-care Desk Lamp Accessories include Floor Stand Extension and Desk Clamp. Equip your e-Reading Desk Lamp as floor lamp or clamp desk lamp.

BenQ e-Reading MindDuo study lamp

MindDuo Study Lamp Series

With quality lighting we now can enjoy a stimulating workstation or indulge in the leisurely comfort of a good book. BenQ WiT MindDuo offers the right color tone and temperature to suit any mood or scenario.