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BenQ Facebook page is Misused by Illegal 3rd Party to Defraud Consumers Online with False Job Advertisements

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BenQ Facebook page is Misused by Illegal 3rd Party to Defraud Consumers Online with False Job Advertisements

What is the best wireless presentation system for the banking and finance meeting rooms?

How to use wireless presentation technology for effective social distancing as well as network security in your meeting rooms?


How to use wireless presentation technology your effective social distancing as well as network security in your meeting rooms

During the recent COVID-19 crisis, the role of banking and finance professionals was critical in keeping our economy running effectively.  To adapt to new lending programs, regulations, and urgent loan issues, financial professionals need effective tools to collaborate.  But in an era of social distancing, how do you accomplish this with a traditional cable.  The answer – a wireless presentation system.

But which wireless presentation system is best suited for the banking and financial institutions?   Here are some important features you will want to consider when evaluating your choices for your collaboration spaces.

A conference room with BenQ InstaShow wireless presentation system on the table

Feature #1 – Something really easy to use

For an analyst who is thinking about how interest rate changes are going to impact his latest Black-Scholes model algorithm, worrying about how to connect to a meeting room display should be effortless. Look for a model that doesn’t require any apps, and can connect in under 15 seconds to their Mac, PC, or wireless device.

Feature #2 – Bullet-proof content encryption

Bankers and financial professionals deal with highly sensitive personal and corporate information that can be catastrophic if ever leaked or copied. Whether it’s a high ranking executive social security number or the expected pricing range of an upcoming IPO, virtually every presentation made needs extra-strong protection. Look for a wireless presentation system that encrypts every transmission – automatically- and cannot be turned off. The best ones are certified by third-party security companies.



Feature #3 – Doesn’t require network access

Hackers love devices that enable them to gain access to a company network where they can use their software to break through VLAN’s and other firewalls used to protect confidential information. Some wireless presentation systems have been found to expose company networks to the point where they could be shut down, while other ones require extensive network configurations to work properly. The best systems don’t require any network access to share a display – but can be remotely managed through the LAN by the IT department. You can learn more about how different types of wireless presentation systems work with a corporate network by downloading the IT Manager's guide here.

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Fast, Easy & Worry-Free Wireless Presentation System BenQ InstaShow S

Wireless Presentation System WDC10

Feature #4 – Supports multiple presenters on the same screen

For complex transactions such as commercial loan underwriting, secondary stock offerings, or putting together multiple lenders on a major project, the need to have different types of information on the screen at the same time is critical to make the right decision.  The best wireless presentation systems can put four different 1080p images on the screen at the same time – and can support up to 32 different presenters who can share their content at the touch of a button.

Feature #5 – Silky smooth video

The financial industry is all about funding people’s dreams, whether it is a new corporate office building or the business plan for a Shark Tank startup.  The best way for people to share their dreams with a future financial partner is through video.  While older wireless presentation systems struggle to get to 30 frames per second, the best ones can easily display a smooth, effortless wireless video at 60 frames per second – enabling you and your team to easily visualize your clients’ dream

But how much does this cost?

Not much.  Today, you can purchase a BenQ InstaShow S right off of Amazon for under $1500 with two transmitter buttons that enable you to connect your device to the screen in under 15 seconds, a receiver you connect to your display, and a stunning button holder that has won multiple industrial design awards.   You can use your iPhone or Android device to wirelessly connect and share content – and will support four presenters sharing content at the same time.  

InstaShow has been certified by third party agencies for security against common and known threats – ensuring that your presentations stay private – and in the room.   If you would like to try one out to see if it’s a fit for your financial institution – we can make that happen for free.   Just click the link below.

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