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BenQ Facebook page is Misused by Illegal 3rd Party to Defraud Consumers Online with False Job Advertisements

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BenQ Facebook page is Misused by Illegal 3rd Party to Defraud Consumers Online with False Job Advertisements

Sony Updates PS5 with VRR and All You Need to Know is Here!


What Is Variable Refresh Rate (VRR)?

What does VRR mean? Generally speaking, variable refresh rate (VRR) systems are meant to resolve a monitor issue known as “screen tearing”.


Screen tearing occurs when your PC monitor’s display frame rate does not match the output framerate of the GPU. In other words, the display is attempting to show images at a different rate than the PC can create those same images. Tearing manifests as jagged horizontal line that cuts across the displayed image. Left unresolved screen tearing can  quickly ruin the immersive feel of a game and ultimately ruin the enjoyment of gameplay altogether. VRR systems force the CPU frame rate and the monitor display rate to match - eliminating the tears and restoring gameplay immersion.

screen tearing vs no tearing

What Are the Different VRR Systems?

As you might imagine, different display and device manufacturers each have their own proprietary VRR systems. Gamers will likely recognize the Freesync by AMD or G-Sync, by their competitor NVIDIA. VESA meanwhile has their own option called Adaptive Sync. These systems are all quite similar, and each serves the same essential purpose. 

Does PS5 Support VRR?

Yes the PS5 now supports Variable Refresh Rates. Sony began VRR support for its PS5 product in April of 2022.  This means if you have a TV or gaming monitor that offers VRR such as FreeSync or G-Sync, your PS5 can deliver variable refresh rates when connected to them.


Games that have unstable frame rates get an assist from the PS5 and display to smooth performance, and screen tearing is reduced if not outright eliminated. The improved frame pacing is the star of the show, especially for people interested in competitive multiplayer. Frame pacing means consistency, and consistency help a player tune their performance. VRR helps maintain that consistency. 

What Type of VRR Does PS5 Offer?

Just like Xbox consoles, PS5 likely uses Adaptive Sync as originally designated by VESA. We don’t know the frame rate range for certain yet, but it is likely between 40Hz and 120Hz. The VRR used on PS5 should therefore be the same as the one brought in by Xbox One X back in November 2017, which is still used now on Xbox Series consoles. This version of VRR is compatible with FreeSync and G-Sync due to their shared Adaptive Sync heritage.


It’s also the same VRR that was introduced for HDMI 2.1 alongside auto low latency mode and eARC. 

How Do I Activate VRR on the PS5?


While Sony has added VRR support for PS5, it was not deployed as a traditional system update. For us the feature simply appeared as a new option on the screen around late April. However, if it doesn’t show up for you, you may need to simply shut down your PS5 and restart.



Your display must be in “game mode” for the PS5 to detect and activate VRR. Without setting your monitor or projector to “game mode”, the feature will likely not appear as an option. This mode is a common feature to many gaming monitors, projectors, and displays.  

Is VRR Active on My PS5 Now?

To check on your PS5’s VRR, go to Settings, then Screen and Video. You will see VRR in the middle. The toggle only offers two options, off and automatic. 

is vrr active on my ps5 now

Go ahead and toggle the setting to “automatic”. This means VRR will work whenever possible, and most likely all the time, as is the case with VRR on Xbox consoles.


On this same screen, be sure to also enable “Apply to Unsupported Games”. What does this mean? In addition to now-standard VRR functionality, Sony occasionally builds VRR patches specific to popular games, intending to maximize their performance and playability. That said, VRR still functions to some degree on all PS5 games, including the “unsupported” ones.


If VRR is active and you are still experiencing screen tearing, please consult our screen tearing troubleshooters guide

Do I Need HDMI 2.1 to Use VRR on PS5?

Yes, as the official release from Sony states, VRR and HDMI 2.1 are required together.


Gaming monitors like the EX2710U or EX3210U already feature dual HDMI 2.1 full bandwidth 48Gbps ports, and the PS5 was designed with HDMI 2.1 in mind. We therefore recommend using HDMI 2.1 for VRR on the PS5


Sony finally delivered VRR to PS5 and we’re happy. Check out our guide to choosing the right monitor for your PS5 setup!


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