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BenQ Facebook page is Misused by Illegal 3rd Party to Defraud Consumers Online with False Job Advertisements

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BenQ Facebook page is Misused by Illegal 3rd Party to Defraud Consumers Online with False Job Advertisements

How Wireless Smart Projectors with Cloud Storage Help Win Customers on the First Go

BenQ wireless smart projectors with cloud storage services help win customers on the first go.

If your work involves design or any other creative endeavor and you need to show samples and examples to prospective customers, then the limitations of physical storage are an obstacle. Running back and forth to get more USB drives and hook them up to a laptop to show customers doesn’t provide much appeal, and seems very chaotic. It may send the wrong signal to customers, and you want to be as professional as possible. 


A wireless smart projector in conjunction with cloud storage services like Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive overcomes the above limitations. With internet access right on the projector, you can access samples from cloud storage on the spot and showcase them to potential clients in a clear and big picture format that’s a lot more impressive than a tiny tablet, smartphone, or laptop screen. 

BenQ wireless smart projectors with cloud storage services bring you an efficient and seamless presentation experience.

A Wireless Smart Projector works best for design SMBs that have several professionals who place files in shared cloud storage. When doing a presentation, you have access to all content via the projector for a seamless presentation experience.

Making Everything Clear

Everyone that works in creative knows that customers often have only a vague idea of what they want, and that samples prove extremely helpful in finding the right direction for a project. So that means every meeting is a golden opportunity to secure a contract, but if showing multiple samples involves messy physical storage and lots of “excuse us” and “hold on a second”, then you’re not sending the most professional message and the customer may have second thoughts. 


Conversely, having direct access to samples from a unified platform like a wireless smart projector that’s hooked up to your office Wi-Fi with access to cloud storage accounts works wonders. 


You have near-instant access to numerous work samples and can offer different directions to clients without delays or awkward transitions. Add to that the clarity and impact of showing samples on a big screen, and you’re boosting your odds of making sure the client picks your outfit for their design and creative content needs. 


Remember the Essentials!

Let’s take a quick look at the trio of tools we recommend for ensuring you make the best impression possible on prospective customers on the first try. 


Cloud storage: a must-have these days. If you’re a design team, you need online storage where your work samples are available to show to would-be customers. You can name the shared folders by project or the project’s leading designer as long as the sample, or any other way that allows you to quickly find and pull up specific content.   You don’t want to spend time locating files or asking for them over email. Relying on email is too cumbersome. Oftentimes emails take a while to arrive, go to the spam folder, or are simply too big to send. 


Cloud storage avoids these pitfalls. With a cloud drive, you’re basically carrying your portfolio with you wherever you go. Entirely web-based, cloud storage services work on every major OS and device category, be it PC, Mac, Android, or iOS. As long as you have Wi-Fi or even cell service, you’ll have access to you and your entire team’s work anywhere. Also, file size limitations become a non-issue, unlike with restrictive email accounts. 

Live collaboration: cloud accounts also mean that teams of designers work seamlessly on the same files without running into authoring and version hassles. Files auto sync across devices and for all associated accounts, so everyone is always up to date with any changes to prevent confusion. When you present, you know you’re showing clients the latest versions and don’t need to correct yourself – which is never a good look.

Design companies use cloud system in distance work and for data storage.

Wireless display: imagine sitting down with customers to a presentation and not having to spend time on setup or messing around with HDMI and Ethernet cables. That’s what a wireless smart projector like the BenQ EH600 does. You can conveniently screen mirror from your personal devices. This is especially handy as your device can act like a remote control to showcase any sample from a cloud drive. If you screen mirror from your smartphone, you can easily zoom in and out directly on your phone and show content simultaneously on the big screen. 


BenQ wireless smart projectors enable you to showcase your work examples connected to cloud storage.

Depending on your preferred presentation style, cloud storage and online live collaboration can also all come together on the projector, allowing you to focus on impressing audiences without additional devices getting involved.  The clarity and impact of doing so are second to none. 

Unlike traditional projectors, wireless smart models have all the apps and connectivity you need built-in, so there’s no need for additional installs, drivers, or devices. You can access your cloud accounts right from the projector, by that not only saving time, but ensuring your presentation has maximum efficiency and effect.

Please take all of this into consideration as you prepare to present. We all prefer simple but impressive presentations, and there’s no reason to not leverage new technology as you strive to make sure customers pick your team on the first meeting. 

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