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BenQ Facebook page is Misused by Illegal 3rd Party to Defraud Consumers Online with False Job Advertisements

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BenQ Facebook page is Misused by Illegal 3rd Party to Defraud Consumers Online with False Job Advertisements

Why BenQ Portable Projectors Have Much Better Built-in Speakers

treVolo Sound Technology Offers Great Audio Via Custom Speakers and Psychoacoustic Tuning


Built-in sound systems on products like portable projectors have a reputation for being “after a fashion” and low quality. Even when speakers from notable brands are incorporated into portable projectors, this is usually done without careful optimization. The results are narrow frequency ranges and obvious distortion at higher volumes. Additionally, speakers that lack proper tuning fail to accurately represent the location of sounds relative to the speaker in a useful way. Thus, simply having speakers from a famous brand isn’t enough. For truly great audio, more research and development are needed. 

BenQ GV30 GS50 have great built-in speakers for their trevolo sound technology

What BenQ Does to Elevate Portable Projector Audio

BenQ treVolo speakers and sound technology have garnered much acclaim over the last few years, building a solid reputation as among the finest of sonic performers both as monitor speakers and standalone audio devices. Building on the experience of the treVolo team, which consists of expert sound engineers and audio designers, BenQ has brought premium sonic performance to portable projectors. The focus has been on developing consistent, all-encompassing 2.1-channel sound with precision across the range. Lows, mids, and highs all get fully tuned and tested to ensure peak fidelity through proprietary, custom-developed speakers and woofers. Unlike other brands, BenQ doesn’t use off the shelf or pre-made parts, but custom designs everything for each portable projector model. This includes dedicated housing for the woofer and tweeter to prevent distortion and crosstalk, something other brands rarely if ever do.

Woofers used on BenQ portable projectors feature larger than average cones for longer percussive strokes for more stable lows. In other words, stronger bass, which is known to cause vibration and rattling if not properly adjusted for. To counter that, the treVolo team uses a multi-point suspension assembly as a buffer to absorb energy from the woofer and eliminate unwanted negative bass effects such as bothersome shaking or rattling. 

Mid-Range Bass Enhancement with Dual Transducers

Portable projectors by design arrive in compact form factors, hence limited internal space for speakers and other audio parts. BenQ sound engineers overcome this limitation by going with a large but space-saving cone that trades in lateral dimensions for increased surface area. This flat but wider cone improves sound fidelity, working together with innovative voice coils and magnets that are considerably different from those in conventional dynamic speakers.

BenQ designs use a dual transducer tweeter placed within a flexible enclosure that resists distortion and crackling. The design affords faster speaker reaction and higher volumes without any of the commonly-encountered penalties found on lesser products. Audio comes across as naturally expansive, with a wide soundstage and no bass distortion. A lot of this is achieved through employing bio-fiber cones and tubes that allow bass expansion and sound that feels as if it comes from large standalone speakers, rather than those of a portable projector. All BenQ treVolo speakers use neodymium magnets exclusively, helping boost sonic efficiency while removing distortion and maintaining quality sound output across the sonic range.

Proprietary Digital Signal Processor with Multiple Sound Field Modes

BenQ audio advantages extend beyond the pure hardware design aspects. While plain portable projectors deliver simple and unrefined sound, BenQ doesn’t settle for a single audio profile for all scenarios and content types.

The custom digital signal processor, or DSP, on BenQ portable projectors was custom-tuned by the treVolo team to generate realistic, engaging audio in various situations and listening conditions. However, this doesn’t mean simple and rigid presets. BenQ audio experts turned to the field of psychoacoustics, which as the name implies refers to the psychological perception of audio and the physiological effects of sound. This has become an accurate science of its own, with precise calculations to measure the impact of sound on different listeners based on distance from the speaker, relative angle, room conditions, and more. Broadly speaking, BenQ treVolo modes on portable speakers cover cinema, game, music, and sports. Each one was painstakingly developed with psychoacoustics guiding production efforts, with a lot of focus testing along the way. Cinema mode accentuates dialogue and bass, game mode highlights spatial sound positioning, sports focuses on commentary and player voices, while music provides a rich, range-wide experience.

the sound in the portable projector requires engineers' hard work

We wanted to share with you the time and effort BenQ has put into portable projector audio, an aspect of this product category that’s often neglected by other manufacturers. BenQ believes that portable projectors should offer the finest audio possible, with strong 2.1-channel sound that easily handles high fidelity output from strong and reliable lows to super-energetic highs. Movie dialogue, guitar solos, song lyrics, game voice and effects, we believe all should sound their best on portable projectors through uncompromising quality and precision. To us, the goal is to bring true hi-fi to portable projectors, and the journey is ongoing! 


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