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Corporate Reception Area

An increasing number of corporations are reconsidering the way they greet clients by reinvigorating the lobby and making a strong first impression. The old ways of registering in a book and grabbing a magazine off the rack are done. Incorporating BenQ’s smart solutions such as Super Narrow Bezel Display, a lobby can set the tone through high quality content or deliver the corporate branding message in stunning 4K resolution. Creating original content for Smart Signage is streamlined with X-Sign Content Management Software and managing multiple screens is made easy with Multiple Display Administrator.

Discover How BenQ Display Can Reinvigorate Corporate Lobby

  • Simulate, and pique client interests with a daisy chain-ready Super Narrow Bezel Display that optimizes lobby space, delivers premium 4K image quality, and provides stress-free content management.
  • The ultimate all-in-one 4K information display, MDA provides operators with total access to display controls, alert settings, and power settings. In addition, X-Sign's content creation and content scheduling reduces workload, improves efficiency, and delivers consistent branding messages throughout the lobby.

Super Narrow Bezel Display

Introduce Business and Incentivize Visitors with Stunning 4K Video Wall Installation

Ultra High Brightness for Large Venues

Whether in a dark meeting room or a conference room with bright ambience, BenQ’s ultra high brightness makes it possible to deliver strong, impactful images without competing with the environment’s natural or artificial light.

DP Daisy Chain Delivering Stunning 4K Clarity

Zoom is a cloud meeting service that unifies video conferencing, group messaging and discussion management in one place. With a one-click-to-start interface, Zoom allows the host to arrange and connect various devices for synchronized high quality audiovisual group meetings. Another powerful feature of Zoom grants the host the ability to annotate in real time and distribute recordings of the meeting afterward.

USB Flash Drive Connectivity for Plug-and-Play Simplicity

Utilizing a simple USB flash drive, lobby operators can rely on the display’s plug-and-play simplicity, by storing multimedia content for instant playback. Upon insertion, operators can arrange and schedule a playlist to fit the corporation’s current needs.

Compatible with Multiple Display Administrator (MDA) Software

Power consumption and TCO are lowered with BenQ’s exclusive Multiple Display Administrator (MDA) software. Through this application, operators can manage multiple displays all at once through a single localized network and blank any screen not in use, ultimately reducing energy consumption.

Compatible with Color Calibration Application

Color calibration software saves time by unifying a video wall to match color profiles accurately and efficiently. After software detects color irregularities through its measurement meter, a simple tap of the calibration key automatically generates a uniform color profile that is distributed to the connected displays. An entire video wall can be calibrated in mere seconds, delivering a gorgeous consistent color palette.

Smart Signage

Deliver Pertinent Information and News in Real-Time

4K2K Ultra High Resolution

Capable of 4 times the pixel density of other Full HD displays, BenQ’s Smart Signage provides a crisp, clear image with the sharpest resolution possible. This allows corporations to bring high-end luxury and ambience while delivering loads of information that doesn’t get distorted and simultaneously improves the waiting experience.

Built-In X-Sign Content Management Software

X-Sign Content Management Software arrives with multiple professionally-designed templates. Each can be altered to match the corporation tone to deliver consistent brand messages that grab clients’ attention. Through X-Sign, operators can schedule content and distribution over the internet, this allows operators to deliver time-appropriate content that will make a positive impression on guests waiting in the lobby.

Slim and Stylish Design

Thanks to narrow bezels along the edges, BenQ Smart Signage has never looked more impressive and sophisticated, now making a strong first impression is easy. With its lightweight design, Smart Signage has been created for easy installation so initial placement or display rearrangement can be easily done even with limited manpower.

Manage Multiple Displays with Multiple Display Administrator (MDA) Software

Through a single local network, Multiple Display Administrator (MDA) software enables lobby operators to simultaneously set up on/off time across not only a full array of BenQ smart signage but also a wide range of third-party display products. Operators can also remotely monitor display status in real time, by that means TCO is effectively lowered.

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