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Holding Meetings without Breaking Social Distancing Measures

  • BenQ
  • 2020-06-01

Getting Back to the Office Safely

The world is now starting to reopen the economies and going back to work.

Because employees want to feel protected in the office and employers do not want to take responsibility for their employees potentially getting sick in the office. Therefore, local authorities and businesses face many challenges as to how to enable employees to head back to work safely. 

Social distancing, sanitation, and boosting worker confidence are becoming the central part of reopening strategies for local authorities and businesses. 

Social Distancing is New Normal

Reducing the ways people come in close contact with each other and ensuring 6 feet social distance has become the core strategy of battling the recent pandemic.  Ensuring that people can stay 6 feet apart from each other in the office spaces will be the core of reopening the economy.

To provide physical sufficient distancing employers will consider changing office-seating plans, designing pathways throughout the office so that people move in just one direction and clear directions and various visual ads to remind people.

Apart from desks, social distancing rules should be applied in all other areas of the office including meeting rooms, kitchen, and other common spaces.

Meeting in the Age of Social Distancing

Perhaps, the most challenging part of social distancing is collaborative work. It is important to ensure 6-feet distance when conducting in-person meetings, as indicated by the South Korean Government guidelines about handling the pandemic, says Quartz at work.

Making sure that in-person meetings take place in ventilated spaces where employees can maintain physical distance. The wireless essential tool becomes an essential tool that ensures social distancing in a meeting room.

No need to change seats and pass the cables around. Wireless screen mirroring systems like BenQ InstaShow allow all the presenters in the room to display their content.

For a completely touchless wireless collaboration, WDC20 allows you to connect to a bigger display with from aby HDMI-enabled device with a proprietary app.

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