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Guide to Using Your Wireless Smart Projector for Work: Why Smart Projectors and Google Cast Pair So Well?

  • BenQ
  • 2020-10-30

Google Cast for Work reduce cable clutters

Just a quick note before we start. This article is for Windows PC users. If you prefer Apple platforms, take a look at this article here.

Cut Cords and Cables at the Office

Before wireless presentations, one of the biggest hurdles to productive idea sharing were the nightmarish logistics involved with the numerous cables a meeting involves. But now, we’re all accustomed to streaming entertainment to TVs in our living rooms. To do that, we either use an external dongle like Apple TV and Chromecast to pair the TV to a smart device, or simply purchase a smart TV with everything built-in. So why not do the same with projectors in the meeting room? From a hardware point of view, smart projectors make a lot of sense in office environments. No wires running all over the place and gathering dust, and just a power cable to keep the show going. In terms of the functionality we mentioned, a smart projector that’s also smart obviously supports the apps your teams need to accomplish their goals. The BenQ EH600 arrives with Google Cast protocol. That means it supports Google Cast natively, as part of the ever-popular Chrome browser. With Google Cast, the EH600 receives any type of content from Chrome running on your laptop browser.


If your company presentation is sensitive due to security concerns, please read more here: what are the three best practices to secure wireless HDMI screen mirroring?


Google Cast is especially handy because it uses a tab-based system. While other casting protocols like Miracast mirror entire devices, with Google Cast you can choose to cast specific Chrome tabs. By doing so, Google Cast and the EH600 do more than just remove the need for HDMI and Ethernet cables. Tab-based mirroring lets you only share the tab itself and not system-wide elements like notifications and apps running alongside Chrome. 

So how to best go about using Google Cast with a wireless smart projector? Let’s take a look. 

Casting Your Files

Team meetings that go beyond just spoken words typically require the sharing of visualized ideas. That means documents, images, videos, and a lot more. Google Cast makes it simple to share content with everyone in the meeting. All you have to do is open up Chrome, click on the three dot icon in the top right corner, then choose “Cast”. If the device you’re casting from shares the same Wi-Fi as the EH600, the projector will appear in the list of cast-able devices, and the rest is easy.

Step 1 From the top right three dot icon, choose “Cast”

Chromecast on your device

Step 2 When your EH600 and Chrome-running devices are on the same Wi-Fi network, Chrome auto-locates the EH600

Device and Google Cast are in the same network

Step 3 With the EH600 found, click on “Cast file”

Cast file
Your local file is showing on the big screen
 screen mirroring with EH600
Better Presentations with Cloud Access and Remote Participation

With Chrome and the EH600, and having Chrome natively support online elements like Google Drive, Docs, Slides, and Meet, you can stream directly from Chrome on your laptop without the need to log in and out, restart, or do anything else to break the flow of the session which can totally reinvent the way you present and make things so much simpler. 


If you are using PowerPoint, PDF, or other formats outside of Chrome, you can either look for their web version to directly “cast tab” them on Chrome or use “cast file”. Both ways are handy but we suggest you go with cloud apps, so that any edits or changes to presentations automatically save and sync, and everyone has access to the latest version at all times whether they’re in the room or thousands of miles away. 

Google Cast for Work with BenQ Smart Wireless Projector

While tab specific mirroring is handy, you can do more. If the files are in cloud drive such as google drive, every stakeholder can effortlessly discuss or make changes.

Make the Most of a Big Extra Screen

Projectors have always been great for sharing information, even before they became smart and wireless. That’s more so the case with devices like the EH600, which take everything from the laptops and portable devices used by team members and put content up on a large format display that’s easier to work with and thus is more conducive to productivity. 


Whatever teams work on, whether social media, Hubspot, Salesforce, Google Ads, Excel sheets, or PowerPoint, it all looks so much clearer when shared effortlessly via smart casting. No more passing tiny screens around the meeting desk, and no more errors due to small numbers that half the team can’t see clearly. The EH600 brings big clarity to your workflow. 

Cast Your Friday Fun

Because the EH600 offers full Android and Chrome support, it’s not just for business. Fun team gatherings and team building also benefit greatly from the smart features of the EH600, as it serves as the heart of the streaming party when needed. Any Google Cast built-in apps like YouTube, work directly from the projector via your devices. 


So when the team wants to unwind, relax, and engage in a spot of entertainment, the EH600 is just as useful and central as when you’re fully engaged in the serious stuff. 

Enjoy your casting with the BenQ EH600 and let us know if you need any support! 

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