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Three Reasons why BenQ chose DLP chips instead of traditional LCD panels to power their laser projectors

  • BenQ
  • 2020-04-25

Most commercial and home cinema projectors sold today use either three liquid crystal panels (LCD) or a single DLP chip as the main imaging source. While LCD was the first technology available for projectors, there are three reasons why market leader BenQ uses Texas Instruments DLP technology for their projector models.

  • BenQ laser projectors using DLP chips don’t turn yellow over time
  • DLP chips enables high color accuracy for accurate logos and photos
  • BenQ uses DLP architecture to create filter free IP5X certified laser projectors
  • DLP chips enables affordable true 4K resolution

    BenQ is able to use the latest DLP technology to engineer more affordable high brightness laser projectors that deliver true UHD 4K resolution (8.3 million pixels). Other technologies may have to “shift” or "simulate" 4K resolution, such as a LCD laser projector with "Pro UHD" resolution only delivers 2.3 million pixels to the screen, not the 8.3 million pixels required for a true UDH 4K resolution projector.

    With Amazing Color Accuracy

    The BenQ laser projectors now enable you to know the color accuracy of each model by referencing standard color space measurements like REC 709, the color standard used in HDTV’s. For example, BenQ’s new 5000 lumen 4K UHD laser projector that is priced under $5000 achieves 92% of the REC 709 color space to ensure accurate logo’s, infographics, and photos in your house of worship or boardroom.

    BenQ uses DLP technology to create filter-free IP5X certified dust-proof laser projectors

    As an early leader in laser projectors, BenQ engineers realized that paper filters may not provide the dust protection needed over years of use. Why? When powerful laser beams strike a dust particle, it can vaporize the dust, which over time could create all kinds of problems if it lands in the wrong place. Working closely with Texas Instruments, BenQ created a completely sealed engine that cools the projector by moving the heat from critical components using metallurgy instead of air. To make sure that they will last, BenQ certifies each projector model using industry standard IP5X testing – just like your Apple Watch – to ensure that dust does not damage the projector over time. This means you never have to clean or change a messy filter in your projector.

    Want to talk to an expert who can help you with a projector?

    Sometimes it can be difficult to find answers to your questions when trying to find the right projector for your business. Since most retailers don’t have experts on the floor that can help –where can you turn? For customers looking for advice on choosing the right projector for their business, you can talk directly to an experienced BenQ product expert who has access to over 70 different projector models and can guide you to the best one for your application. We also can help you find a reseller nearby, or if you want, you can purchase one right on the phone.

    Dust Proof Filter Free and Zero Color Decay

    BenQ DLP Projectors maintain the most vivid, crisp images and boundless picture perfection by eliminating color decay and dust damage. As the miraculous micro-mirrors work their magic with minimal heat buildup, the nearly-sealed DLP engine eliminates dust problems and protects the DLP chip and all internal components without messy filters. As with all projectors, you'll need to replace the lamp from time to time, but unlike non-DLP projectors which look tired even after lamp replacement, the picture quality of BenQ DLP Projectors will look brand-new.

    BenQ DLP Projector

    Original Color

    After 2000 Hours of Use

    After New Lamp Installed

    Non- DLP Projector

    Original Color

    After 2000 Hours of Use

    After New Lamp Installed

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