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How Technology Empowers Businesses to Run Seamless Operations

  • BenQ
  • 2020-03-18
Maintaining smooth business communication during public health crises

Over the past few decades, the world has experienced several viral outbreaks that come and go but always leave us with lessons that serve as reminders to adapt to new situations. The 2019 Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19), has swiftly spread panic around the world, hampering global production and forcing businesses to take adaptive action.

Businesses should consider the following in order to continue maintaining seamless operations while adapting to the current situation:

Implement Flexible Working Arrangements

Stop spending the first 15 minutes of every virtual meeting in setting up the screen share, its audio. DuoBoard has all the features you need to instantly set up a video conference. It has a built-in full HD camera and a noise-reducing and echo-cancelling microphone array. It also comes pre-loaded with the Blizz video conferencing app.

Rethink Remote Work
Reconsider Business Trips

Not all great ideas can be written down. Some you draw, some you scribble along the margins as you brainstorm. You can now do this in a virtual meeting with EZWrite, DuoBoard’s built-in collaboration tool.

Consider Webinars to Reach Customers

Businesses that planned conferences and seminars, unfortunately, will have to postpone them. The downside of workshops, seminars, and conferences is that they require the displacement of employees, and companies should avoid the risk of exposing their employees to infection. Companies need to consider hosting webinars and online seminars, as these can be easily set up and have a broader reach.

Counter Misinformation in the Workplace

With the rise of miscommunication employers need to inform employees with credible and verified sources relating to the viral infection. Information gathered should only be from reliable and verified sources that have established credibility.

Invest in Collaborative Platforms

Platforms that allow teams to collaborate and communicate effectively can be used during work-from-home days. Meetings can be done over real time collaborative platforms. Companies with a collaboration-focused culture are less prone to experiencing an interruption in their day to day operations even during viral outbreaks. To enable collaboration, employers can invest in technologies for their traditional spaces. First and foremost, collaboration is all about improved communication between employees, making sure they feel included and able to deliver ideas easily. Digital displays help businesses improve meetings by showcasing pertinent information during presentations, including documents, images, and videos. BenQ has a variety of digital display solutions such as high brightness business projectors and interactive flat panels, all of which have been created for ease of use, increased efficiency, and greater participation at office environments.

Implement Health-Conscious Meeting Technology

Not only does work-from-home require attention, it is also important to take a critical look at meeting equipment currently installed in the office. Studies show that employees spend an average of 37% of their time in a meeting room, emphasizing the need of providing proper equipment to warrant their well-being. If employees are making use of touchscreens, be sure to check the coating used as these can become a breeding ground for germs quickly. This is why BenQ IFP comes equipped with a germ-resistant screen that kills most germs accumulating on screen surfaces and prevents cross-infection. Is interactivity not a requirement for your business? Why not opt for a short-throw projector together with a wireless presentation solution, like BenQ InstaShow, to minimize the amount of touches while maximizing meeting efficiency.

There you have it: six ways to host truly productive and highly collaborative video conferences. And it’s all possible with DuoBoard.