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Organizations Today Need Productive Video Conferencing - Here’s Why

  • BenQ
  • 2020-03-26

Video conferencing saves global enterprises a lot of time and money. In a survey conducted by Lifesize, 94% of businesses that utilize video conferencing agree that it increases productivity. Remote team members, regardless of their location, can get on a video conference to discuss solutions face to face. This minimizes the possibility of miscommunication and frees up time spent sending emails back and forth.

Video conferencing encourages collaboration and results in better engagement and effectiveness for the following enterprise-related tasks:


Whether it is an information meeting, decision-making meeting, or innovation meeting with the rest of the team, or a sales meeting with prospects, collaborative video conferencing that enables two-way interaction makes it all possible in less time.

Remote training

Hosting remote workshops for team members in different locations can quickly become unproductive if the discussion is one-sided. Remote workshops that do not provide trainees a medium to ask questions or respond are not sufficient. Effective workshops and training sessions must always involve two-way conversations where there is easy sharing of information and where questions are answered immediately. Video conferencing makes this possible.

Global recruitment

Recruiting top-notch employees from any corner of the world becomes easier and much more efficient. Video conferencing can be used at three stages of the hiring process: pre-screening, interviewing and onboarding. In all three instances, video conferencing saves time and money, while providing similar face-to-face interviews with candidates and gain a better understanding of their problem-solving skills with real-time collaborative whiteboarding.

What DuoBoard does better

The BenQ DuoBoard interactive display combines the key requirements for team collaboration and video conferencing.

1. Multitasking
The DuoBoard is designed to make multitasking a breeze.

Duo Windowsallows users to work on two tasks at the same time on a single display, doubling efficiency. Presenters can simultaneously facilitate brainstorming sessions, write meeting minutes, search for information, and much more on a different application while in a video conference.

Duo OS enables cross-platform compatibility between Android, iOS, macOS and Windows. Users can view information on a different OS. For example, presenters in a remote training session can also easily open files like Adobe Photoshop, to share and edit them on screen from their computers at the same time for more collaboration.

2. Collaboration on the cloud
BenQ DuoBoard takes whiteboarding to the cloud with the built-in EZWrite collaboration tool. It comes with powerful features like intelligent handwriting recognition, sticky notes, team posts, and more. All of these enable employees from different locations to share ideas and exchange notes using their own devices.

3. BYOD and wireless presentation
As employees today are increasingly on the move, using their own devices for work has become commonplace. They prefer it over carrying different devices for personal and professional reasons. Introducing a BYOD strategy in in the workplace will not only increase employee satisfaction, but also allows them to collaborate better at less cost to the organization. But this also makes video conferencing cumbersome if employees have to spend 30 minutes before every meeting connecting a bunch of wires. Untether your team using BenQ InstaShow and InstaShare, which allow you to quickly start wireless presentations involving multiple devices.

InstaShow is an enterprise-class secure solution, which lets you share ideas immediately from almost any device. Presentations are easily made from anywhere in the room in three simple steps: plug-in, press the button, and present, with no software installation. InstaShare is a screen-mirroring solution between the interactive flat panel and any other display device.

InstaShare is a screen-mirroring solution between the interactive flat panels and other display devices.

Both InstaShow and InstaShare enable effective video conferencing with:

● Compatibility with a wide range of OS, Windows, Chrome OS, macOS, iOS and Android, helps get ideas across regardless what platform you use.
● Two-way mirroring and touchallows up to 16 users collaborate immediately.
● Split-screen presentationaccommodates up to four screens at once.

This helps boost productivity and improve collaboration during video conferencing, without the need for cables.

BenQ interactive displays also come with video recording features that allows users to record all on-screen steps during the meeting and use the recorded videos for further training or review purposes.

Innovative technology is the key to enabling collaboration at workplacee and DuoBoard is the ideal collaborative video conferencing solution.