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Catch the Laser Boom: Longer Lifetime & Superior Image Quality in Education

  • BenQ
  • 2017-01-13

With a mounting demand on campus for solutions with higher images quality as well as minimal maintenance, the global trend is clear that the projector market moving towards laser light source. Infocomm showed strong demand for laser short-throw projection from the education sector — a light source previously dedicated for installation and large venue segment only to take up larger shares in schools for the years to come.

Optimal Chromatic Performance

To better harness the high output of the powerful BlueCore laser, dual color wheels are implemented to significantly boost color purity to an unprecedented level. Combining an ideal mixture of RGBY colors (red, green, blue and yellow) and our expertise in configuration, BenQ laser projectors deliver richer colors and more brilliant images than those by conventional lamp-based projectors. Besides, laser light projectors also prove outstanding stability against color decay, producing consistent visuals over time, which makes it the most ideal learning companion for any classroom and school.

Durable than Ever at No Extra Cost

Every BenQ BlueCore laser projector is guaranteed for an average of 20,000 hours of maintenance-free operation, a huge save on lamp replacement and maintenance cost. If the issue of brightness decay is taken into account, the brilliant lifetime of a laser light unit itself create great values for schools, making every purchase both an optimal investment and an eco-conscious choice.