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Interactive Displays Drive Productive Logistics and Safety Meetings in the Transportation Industry

  • BenQ
  • 2021-04-20

Public transportation is on the fast track. According to the American Public Transportation Association (APTA), the growth of public transit passenger miles has eclipsed that of vehicle miles traveled over the past two decades. Public transportation includes bus systems, bus-rapid transit, paratransit, water-borne services, subways, light rail, streetcars and other urban and passenger rail networks.

The transportation industry faces many challenges in keeping services running smoothly and safe, including scheduling, accidents, security, crime, overseeing a wide-spread network, 24/7 monitoring capabilities, the welfare of passengers and drivers, environmental conditions, and more. While transportation control rooms are outfitted with video walls to provide the main hub for fast, high-level visualization and decision making, staff meetings for ongoing planning, logistics, and safety are another critical element to ensuring smooth services. 

Challenges for Transportation Meetings

There are many requirements in order for these meetings to be highly efficient and productive. First, meeting participants may include those joining remotely from other dispatch centers and departments. Everyone must be able to share information to the screen, often simultaneously with other content from other participants. This gives everyone a chance to provide input as well as a comprehensive look at an agenda item. Two, users must be able to access the same systems and feeds that are used for operational centers as well as be able to open existing documents in the cloud. Third, they need to be able to annotate and create new documents that can be shared and saved.

Today’s innovative interactive display are a great solution for answering all these challenges. They grant a large, touch surface that can act as a collaborative terminal for a large number of dispersed users who need to collaborate and create intuitively. BenQ’s sophisticated CP Series DuoBoard is the most flexible and user-friendly interactive display available. It is perfectly suited for highly interactive and information-driven in-person and remote meetings.

BenQ’s sophisticated CP Series DuoBoard is the most flexible and user-friendly interactive display available.

DuoBoard = Twice the Efficiency

The 4K UHD DuoBoard is an all-in-one, easy-to-use interactive display that facilitates better meeting outcomes and meeting efficiency. Rather than rely on laptop cameras, microphones, and speakers, which deliver inadequate audio and video, it’s integrated with a full HD video camera, two 10W loudspeakers, 16W subwoofer, and a six-microphone array. What also sets DuoBoard apart is its built-in tools and features that are completely designed around eliminating common meeting roadblocks while boosting collaboration between all participants.

With DuoBoard, users can start meetings from their laptop or device, or directly from the interactive display using any video conferencing platform, including Zoom, Microsoft Teams, GoToMeeting, and more. It also comes preloaded with apps, such as TeamViewer Meeting, to make online meetings simple. Its large 20-point touch antimicrobial screen provides plenty of room to share dashboards, spreadsheets, documents, websites, apps, and more, all while video conferencing. For even more flexibility, organizations can connect two DuoBoards together to create an immersive uninterrupted interactive surface that’s large enough for even the most robust data and reporting requirements. The interactive display’s Duo OS switches seamlessly between various operating systems for more collaboration and achieves cross-platform compatibility between Android, iOS, macOS, and Windows OS.

Create Power Users and Powerfully Productive Meetings

DuoBoard benefits everyone, from those working in the same conference room to those joining remotely. More than a digital whiteboard, participants can access data, documents, and information from any application or cloud-based service, including Google Drive and via AMS . They can then use the display’s intuitive annotation tools to write on top of any content — whether it’s an app, video, website, document or image — and create new documents. What’s more, employees can collect, categorize, edit, and share notes between the interactive display and their mobile devices or laptops.

BenQ Duoboards create power users and powerfully productive meetings.

The interactive display also features InstaShare wireless presentation technology, which enables two-way mirroring between DuoBoard and mobile devices, including smartphones, tablets, and laptops. Up to nine attendee screens can be displayed simultaneously, with synchronized, lag-free audio and video streams. It also supports two-way touch control on Windows and macOS platforms, allowing the content being mirrored to be controlled through the interactive display or the device.

DuoBoard Helps Maps Out Fast, Reliable, and Safe Transit Services

Fast, reliable, and safe transportation operations depend on well-organized, well-informed teams, which requires a highly organized and efficient meeting place. It’s critical that time isn’t wasted trying to figure out how to share information in order to make plans and decisions. With DuoBoard, participants can accomplish agenda items and implement new logistics and safety policies that go the last mile to improve services.

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