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How to Choose InstaShow for Wireless Presentations?

  • BenQ
  • 2019-11-25

Introducing the InstaShow wireless presentation system from BenQ into your office brings your existing business setup up to date with the latest technology, creating a tidy and professional look. Both InstaShow WDC10 and InstaShow WDC20 of S-series are designed to enable effortless wireless presentation experince, unclutter the meeting room and boost collaboration while keeping your business information secure. However, there are a few features that set these two devices apart. 

To choose the InstaShow that best suits your needs, it is essential to consider the size of your meeting rooms, content source, desired resolution as well as the number of devices.

How big is your meeting room?

For wireless presentations in smaller collaboration rooms and huddle spaces, the InstaShow WDC-10 is ideal for fast and easy connectivity that will enable you to do wireless presentations and switch presenters at a touch of a button. The system comes with two buttons, and a tabletop button holder, and you can add additional buttons – including the new USB-C Thunderbolt 3 buttons for simple and easy connections.

For larger meeting rooms, the InstaShow S WDC-20 offers a longer wireless range to enable present from the rear of the room over 40 feet away and can support up to 32 presenters.

What devices do you use to present?

For companies and classrooms that use notebook computers, media players, and document cameras, the WDC-10 is an ideal solution since it uses a standard HDMI cable to connect to your device. For notebooks, you plug in the HDMI cable to your notebook, and power the transmitter with the USB cable, or for devices such as cameras, any USB power source such as a cell phone charger. To use your InstaShow with Mac ot other USB type-C device, you can also choose InstaShow WDC-10C

For rooms that use a lot of mobile tablets and phones to present, the InstaShow WDC-20 of S-series offers more connectivity options for BYOD devices using the InstaShare app, Airplay, and Miracast – in addition to the standard HDMI buttons.


How do you like to collaborate?

Collaboration can take many forms, and most companies are used to consistently sharing ideas. The InstaShow facilitates fast-paced collaboration, such as scrum meetings, by enabling you to switch presenters at a single tap to share your screen. With multiple buttons in the room, and you can change back and forth from one idea to another in a fraction of a second.

Some organizations prefer all their ideas presented on the screen at the same time. The InstaShow S WDC-20 enables you to put four presenter screens on a single display. Since it supports 4K resolution, each screen is displayed in crystal clear 1080p resolution to see all the details while you are collaborating.


Do you usually show high-quality content?

The InstaShow WDC-10 allows you to quickly and easily switch between presenter without the need to switch seats or pass a cable around.

The InstaShow S split-screen function also allows up to four different presenters to wirelessly connect to the display at the same time. It also supports the transmission of high-quality content including 4K videos with no noticeable lag. 


How do you manage security?

Both InstaShow and InstaShow S use state-of-the-art wireless encryption to ensure your content – and network – is secure. Before InstaShow transmits from a button, the ring displays red until a secure connection is established. Once it is ready, it turns green-and you can press your button to present. It doesn’t send any content over the internet, and no one can “peek” into the presentation by hacking a password.