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Include Guest Collaborators in Meetings with Wireless Presentation

  • BenQ
  • 2021-06-16
 BenQ’s InstaShow Wireless Presentation System enables companies to include guest collaborations in meetings.


Every business and organization has guests that need to present and share content. But oftentimes getting them into your local network could prove problematic, even if it’s just sharing a Wi-Fi password or having to download a third party app of uncertain qualities. Secure and entirely independent wireless presentation systems resolve these concerns, and enable participation by and collaboration with external parties that are at your work environment for a short period of time. BenQ’s InstaShow series is particularly adept at this due to having an entirely self-contained, app-free wireless design that doesn’t require guests become integrated into your organization’s network at all, nor download anything to their own devices.


By adding a wireless presentation system to your conference areas, huddle spaces, and meeting rooms, you offer guests a secure and effective platform to showcase and share content. And that’s even if they’re not the focal point of the meeting but rather supplementing the main stakeholders. Systems like InstaShow offer lots of ad hoc, impromptu flexibility. 

What is Wireless Presentation?

Put simply, wireless presentation systems allow you to mirror or cast the screens of various devices onto other, often larger, displays. All without video cables running everywhere. So, you can take a tablet or laptop and mirror their screens onto a meeting room projector using InstaShow. There’s a wireless adapter on the source device and one on the target device, and no HDMI or VGA cable to tussle with. Image quality these days goes up to 4K and good wireless presentation systems ensure utmost security, which we’ll touch upon in a bit.


The simplicity of well-designed wireless presentation platforms removes many of the logistical hurdles that often get in the way of collaboration and smooth meetings. Including more participants becomes as easy as swapping the wireless adapters from a port on an in-house employee’s laptop to a port on a guest’s device. The seamless transition translates into far more productive and intuitive brainstorming sessions, discussions, and issue resolution. 

Why is Guest Access Problematic?

From your organization’s point of view, obviously due to security concerns. Sharing a Wi-Fi network with guest devices could pose risks to confidentiality and organizational integrity. Plus, your guests may have their own IT restrictions for the devices they use. Consumer-grade, entry-level wireless casting systems require downloading an app to work. In addition to the potential risks introduced by downloads and app usage, it’s quite often the case that companies limit administrative rights and don’t allow downloads, especially outside of the office. That means your guests can’t use your wireless presentation system if it needs a download to work.


The BenQ InstaShow family functions as a completely self-contained environment. There’s no app needed, and no connection to the local Wi-Fi network has to be established. That’s because InstaShow creates a mini-network for all devices associated with it at any given time, with strong encryption of data in transit. As a bonus, not only does InstaShow save you and your guests a whole lot of security and IT headaches, it also saves you time because setup takes a couple of seconds. 

Wireless Presentation is the Solution

But make sure to choose the right one! To recap, a good wireless presentation system doesn’t require any drivers, apps, or downloads to client devices. Such a system is almost entirely hardware-level from your point of view, as you don’t need to mess with software installs. The adapters that power the local wireless network used by systems like InstaShow work instantly on a point to point basis that’s simple, reliable, secure, and fast. There’s none of the lag or buffering that’s so common with presentation system reliant upon general-usage Wi-Fi, which often gets overloaded and starved for bandwidth. And by going with a system like InstaShow, you’ll be doing your IT department a huge favor. No cable messes, no extra network load, no cumbersome setup. Just happy team members and guests that get on with meetings without needing to call for help. 



Guests Welcome

With InstaShow wireless presentation, you can go ahead and invite guest participants to meetings with peace of mind for all involved parties. And beyond that, you gain a secure and reliable platform for sharing content and increasing collaboration across the board. It’s a win for everyone, except maybe for the HDMI cables.