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Gamification for Employee Training: Are You Ready to Embrace It?

  • BenQ
  • 2021-05-21
Gamification for employee training with BenQ DuoBoard Interactive flat panel and digital whiteboard..


Gamification has become increasingly popular in employee training. According to a survey by Talent IMS, 89% of employees felt more productive and happier at work if the company designed a gamified training. Furthermore, 33% would like more game elements in their training.


With BenQ DuoBoard smart interactive board, employee training can be fun, motivating, and engaging. Let’s explore the strengths of DuoBoard and see how it helps achieve an engaging training program.

Gamification for employee training on BenQ DuoBoard interactive display. It's easy to write or draw with many interactive tools. .
EZWrite interactive whiteboarding software

Do more than just write. DuoBoard comes with EZWrite, a cloud whiteboarding solution that allows multiple users to write or sketch on the same board at the same time, either directly on the DuoBoard or from their own mobile devices. EZWrite also allows you to extend your writing surface, import photos or screenshots, and record your sessions.

Team Post
Start a group competition at your fingertips.

Stop Watch
Set a time limit to see who completes the task first.

BenQ DuoBoard smart interactive display features cloud whiteboarding, team posts, sticky note, lucky draw, stop watch, calculator, and many engaging tools for your employee training.


Draw Lots
Pick someone to stand up or join the competition. Fair chance!

Brush Mode
Let your ideas shine with creative drawing.

BenQ DuoBoard smart interactive display features InstaShare 2 wireless presentation software and Kahoot! app.
InstaShare 2 Wireless Casting Software

Sharing ideas from your smartphone, tablet, or laptop directly to BenQ DuoBoard interactive display. Up to 9 devices can cast contents at the same time! Exchanging ideas has never been so easier.

The host can also select a connected screen to share in "Floating Window mode" alongside other apps.

Instashare 2 provides flexible team collaboration for everyone, featuring Floating Window and Smart Split mode.


Why not design a quiz game during the training? In which year your company was established? Where is the nearest fire extinguisher in your office? Kahoot!, the award-winning game-based learning platform, will boost employee engagement and knowledge retention.

The new Kahoot! app on your interactive flat panel takes full advantage of the connectivity and interactivity to help turn an ordinary training into fun and exciting experiences. Teachers can instantly create polls, learning games, and team competitions so that your employees are focused and engaged .

Kahoot! and BenQ partnership in Interactive Smart Board with fun, engaging gamifcation elements.

*Photo courtesy of Kahoot!

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