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4 Dustproof Mechanisms to Ensure Reliable Performance of Projectors

  • BenQ
  • 2017-06-12

Recent studies have shown that the amount of harmful dust is much higher in indoor settings, defying the common belief that outdoor environment poses higher risk of exposing oneself to dust pollution. Classroom electronics like projectors have long been under the invisible threat of harmful dusts. Without proper dustproof mechanisms, projectors’ lifetimes will be seriously shortened while maintenance costs skyrocketing. Schools in areas with high level of dust pollution are in dire need of a guarantee to device longevity.

With a dustproof level that's at least IP5X, Dust Guard technology dramatically enhances the reliability and durability of BenQ education projectors, ensuring the high quality functioning even under the severest environmental conditions. The mechanism can significantly extend projection lifetime while reducing maintenance frequency by 1/3 compared to other projectors. Dust Guard also effectively eliminates color decay, a common problem encountered by non-DLP projectors, via sealed optical path design. Guaranteeing superb lecture and presentation quality, Dust Guard ensures stable operation in even the dustiest environments.

With 4 unique and powerful dustproof mechanisms, users can ensure device reliability and uncompromised performance.

By choosing the BenQ Dust Guard projector, users can stop worrying about maintenance and device reliability even after warranty expires. Most importantly, schools in highly polluted areas can finally have a reliable solution to rely on.