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Differentiate Yourself and Win Bids with a Partner that Understands Educational Needs

  • BenQ
  • 2016-12-09

Schools Need Cross-OS Compatibility

With the new Chrome OS and Google Classroom on the rise, it’s no longer enough to support only Windows and Mac OS. Built to work seamlessly with a wide range of electronic devices, BenQ Interactive Flat Panels (IFPs) work perfectly with all major operating systems including Windows, Chrome, Mac, and Linux.

Classrooms Need Many Sizes

Classroom sizes vary and need a diverse collection of panel screen sizes to fit perfectly. BenQ offers a variety of IFP sizes ranging from 55”, 65”, 70” 79” to 84”, which is far more diversified than other display providers on the market.

Educators Need High Software Compatibility and Convenience

BenQ IFPs are bundled with Oktopus, a comprehensive teaching tool crafted to enhance teaching and boost learning results. Because Oktopus can read and use most popular educational software with amazing compatibility, BenQ IFPs provide schools hassle-free software transfer and absolutely reliable teaching document retention.

In the fast-growing IFP market with fierce competition, you need a partner with unique insight and specific experience in educational technology. Partner with BenQ as your trusted teammate to win bids today, helping schools integrate IFPs into any OS, software, and classroom need.