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8 Things to Consider before Purchasing a Wireless Presentation System

  • BenQ
  • 2019-07-23

When you plan to make your company’s meeting spaces wireless, there are many important factors you need to take into account. Below are 8 things to consider when choosing a wireless presentation system:

1. Does its security level fit the company’s needs?

Security management is becoming more and more challenging. One survey of corporate security experts showed that 35% didn’t know whether or not malware was present on their network. Furthermore, as the popularity of BYOD continues to rise, corporations have become more vulnerable: Research shows that 20% of corporations have experienced data breaches as a result of poor BYOD implementation.

When choosing your wireless presentation system, it’s important to consider whether it requires users to download and install drivers and/or software. Businesses and government agencies with strict security protocols often don’t allow staff to download or install any programs or apps to their computers. A wireless presentation system that requires no software or drivers overcomes this dilemma and eliminates a potential source of security issues.

2. Does it use reliable encryption technology?

A recent survey showed that employees at nearly one in four companies have inadvertently connected their devices to malicious Wi-Fi. To avoid security issues, it’s important to choose a wireless presentation system that employs strong, reliable encryption but is also easy to use, so as to remove the potential for security compromises due to human error.

3. Does it have a simple, easy-to-learn interface?

Research shows that 51% of employees want “tech that works at the touch of a button”, which they feel can reduce work-related stress and promote efficient collaboration. That’s why it’s essential for a wireless presentation system to be user-friendly, letting all participants share their ideas on the big screen and collaborate effortlessly with everyone in the meeting room.

4. Is it compatible with everyone’s meeting devices?

Guest participants often like to bring their own devices to meetings. This allows them to use familiar tools that let them present smoothly. It’s impossible to train and familiarize every guest presenter with your company’s meeting equipment; to ensure smooth, efficient idea sharing, it’s best to equip your meeting space with an easy-to-use system that’s compatible with all types of devices.

5. Is it BYOD-friendly?

32% of millennial employees use smartphones and tablets to collaborate at work, but these smart devices are often incompatible with wired presentation systems. To ensure efficient, productive meetings that are open to everyone’s ideas, it’s important to choose a wireless presentation system that’s compatible with a wide variety of mobile devices.

6. Does it support connections from multiple devices at once?

In meetings with many different presenters and devices, switching presenters can waste a lot of time and disrupt meeting flow. This is why support for multiple connections is important. When it’s time for the next presenter to share, it takes only a touch of a button to switch to his or her device, ensuring more fluid and efficient discussions.

7. Does it support split-screen projection?

In modern meetings participants often need to share multiple pieces of information on a main screen. To keep up with this developing trends, a wireless presentation system with split-screen capability is a must. 4-way split-screen lets users see more information at once and can expedite your decision making process.

8. Does its wireless signal offer sufficient range?

Because corporate meeting rooms vary greatly in size, signal range is an important consideration. To maximize the benefit offered by a wireless presentation system, its signal range should cover the entirety of your meeting room.

Use these 8 questions to guide you as you explore the possibilities offered by wireless presentation systems. By choosing a system that is secure and easy to use, you will ensure your business makes the transition to wireless meetings smoothly and successfully.