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BenQ Unveils New RP02 Series Interactive Flat Panels With Advanced ClassroomCare™ Technology and the Third Generation of Germ Resistant Screens for Learning Post Covid-19

  • BenQ
  • 2020-08-10
TAIPEI, TAIWAN, August 10, 2020 – In a few weeks’ time, schools will re-open, and kids will most likely resume schooling with a combination of social distancing in classroom and distance learning. Schools play a significant role to build students’ core skills to nurture them for future careers and also provide them with a healthy and safe learning environment. To facilitate remote and blended learning, BenQ, global leaders in display technology solutions, announces their latest RP02 Series of Interactive Flat Panels (IFPs) for classrooms. The IFPs in the RP02 Series are equipped with Advanced ClassroomCare™ Technologies for monitoring environmental status and killing bacteria within their vicinity while enhancing cloud collaboration for distance learning, and management support for installers, IT departments and end-users.
“Starting from 2016, we have always been trying to invest in and encourage learning, and our latest solutions have been designed, keeping in mind the needs and health concerns of school-going students (and their parents). Solutions like the IFPs in the RP02 Series act as a safeguard for classrooms in these trying times with the Third generation of Germ-Resistant screen. And, we are the first and the only brand that has acquired TÜV and SIAA certificates. These prove our Germ-Resistant screen with a nano-ionic silver coating is enduring, non-toxic and exponentially reducing the possibility of bacteria festering on screens used in smart classrooms due to multiple people touching it and being around it. This will ensure regularity and lower the transmission of any infection within the classrooms.” said Jeffrey Liang, President of BenQ Asia Pacific.
Exclusive Advanced ClassroomCare™ Technologies Help Protect Users Against Deteriorating Health Risks.

Invisible enemies in classrooms include poor air quality, germs, and blue-light from LCD panels - they end up decreasing student concentration and increasing school absenteeism and vision impairment. All panels in the RP02 Series come with BenQ’s advanced ClassroomCare™ Technologies. They are equipped with Third Generation Germ Resistant Screens, Air Quality Sensors and Smart Eye-Care Solutions that offer eye care and germ resistance to CO2 and Particulate Matter. With their temperature and humidity monitoring features, they help to create safe and healthy spaces for students and teachers.

The Third Generation of Germ-Resistant Screen Incorporates higher concentrations of nano-ionic silver compounds, and cured altogether with the anti-glare coating and tempered glass, giving the screen longer-lasting anti-bacteria efficacy than any conventional germ-resistant screen or spray on the market. Most importantly, the screen is certified by TÜV and SIAA that proves the efficacy of germ-resistance and non-toxicity.
Air Quality Sensors help measure and display key environmental parameters in classrooms including temperature, humidity, PM 2.5, P10, CO2 and Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) concentration levels, allowing teachers to intervene with appropriate actions in real-time.
Smart Eye-Care Solutions with TÜV Certified Low Blue Light filters, Flicker-free technology and Anti-glare coating bring more comfort to the classrooms. These features empower teachers and students with a tiredness-free screen that ensures that classes don’t take a toll on children’s eyesight.
In-Class Collaborations with EZWrite Whiteboard

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Distance and Rural Learning with EZWrite Live

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BenQ’s new RP02 Series IFPs come in three sizes - “65-inch”, “75-inch and “86-inch” to suit a variety of classrooms sizes. They help enhance interactive and project-based learning by providing a healthy learning environment despite any geographical distance.

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