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BenQ Joins Google for Education Integrated Solutions Initiative

  • BenQ
  • 2020-08-26
TAIPEI, TAIWAN, August 26, 2020 – BenQ, a leader in interactive display solutions, announces it has joined the Google for Education Integrated Solutions Initiative. By joining this initiative, according to BenQ CEO Conway Lee, BenQ’s commitment to delivering education solutions that help schools create more resilient active learning environments designed for both in-person and distance learning is continued.

The partnership entails the integration of G Suite for Education with BenQ’s cloud-based solutions for interactive displays

—EZWrite and the BenQ Account Management System (AMS).

EZWrite, BenQ’s cloud-based whiteboard, allows both students and teachers to freely exchange ideas, share multimedia files, and discuss topics through a simple, streamlined whiteboard interface. AMS, BenQ’s account management system, is a cloud-based service that educators can use to link their G Suite accounts for quick access to their user profiles and lesson materials. The integration with both solutions allows G Suite for Education’s user base of 120 million educators and students to fully maximize their use of BenQ interactive displays in classes.

“Our partnership with Google for Education comes at a very crucial time for the education sector,” says Lee. “The collaborative features offered by G Suite for Education, matched with the interactivity of our displays gives schools enough flexibility to create hybrid learning environments.”

Teachers can continue to inspire their students’ curiosity through display-based active learning activities inside the classroom, while simultaneously keeping remote students up to speed. The setup provided by both BenQ and Google for Education helps to ensure uninterrupted learning.

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