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  • 2015-01-01

New Bangkok International Airport Revs Up Interactive Self-Service With BenQ



To ease increasing demands for traveler information, New Bangkok International Airport (BKK) needed powerful information kiosks to install throughout passenger terminals. The goal was to enable passengers to access necessary information within seconds, whether flight schedules, airport facilities, or local tourist attractions.


BKK accepted the proposed solution utilizing BenQ Interactive Displays as the user-facing component.


Navigating through the airport is easier than ever with BenQ Interactive Displays efficiently delivering travel information to passengers in a timely manner.

Facts at a Glance

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BenQ Solution Used

  • BenQ Interactive Displays






To install multi-purpose information kiosks throughout its passenger terminal


Home to most domestic and all international flights, New Bangkok International serves 46 million passengers annually. In recent years, the exotic tropical culture and mesmerizing white-sand beaches have made Thailand the tenth most visited country worldwide. As BKK is an important connecting point for visitors, information counters are often flooded with queries and long queues.

Determined to boost passenger satisfaction as tourism booms, BKK embarked on a project to install information kiosks throughout the main terminal to meet increasing demands. The project called for large-format touch-capable displays for easy visibility and cost-effective operation. An essential requirement for the display was absolute durability for reliable performance around-the-clock so passengers can access the most updated information at any time of day.


A Thai system integrator beat the competition by proposing BenQ interactive displays, whose strengths played a major factor in the airport’s evaluation process. BenQ interactive displays enabled a user-facing solution that not only exceeded basic requirements, but brought sleek and modern focal points to the airport’s world-famous main passenger terminal.

Working against a tight schedule, the Thai system integrator completed the interactive kiosk implementation taking full advantage of the BenQ interactive display’s comprehensive connection interfaces. The system integrator was able to quickly integrate the displays into the airport’s existing infrastructure as well as other key components.

The bright LED-backlit screen and infrared touch technology of the BenQ interactive display made a perfect fit for the project, combining superb image quality and a responsive touch interface that can accept input from up to six people* at once. The extra-durable tempered glass with anti-glare coating was another strength of the BenQ interactive display which will perform around the clock reliably for many years to come.

*Enabled by 6-point touch support


The project was completed in September 2015. As the visible “face” of the information kiosks, the BenQ interactive displays were immediately brought into the spotlight. The futuristic interface delighted and inspired passengers to try this new service.

With the help BenQ interactive displays, New Bangkok International Airport was able to put automated travel information and services at passengers’ fingertips, allowing them to quickly navigate and obtain needed information without waiting in line. Navigating the airport and connecting flights have become much easier even during holidays and peak travel seasons, while manpower and training costs declined significantly. As a result, BKK earned a new reputation as a tech-savvy, state-of-the-art global aviation hub.

For the Thai system integrator, BenQ’s high product quality and outstanding service support made a real difference in securing total customer satisfaction for the project. The positive response from its clients earned the system integrator utmost confidence in BenQ and its industry-leading digital signage and interactive flat panel products.