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Suzuki Italia Chooses BenQ as Technology Partner for Suzuki TV Network

  • BenQ
  • 2019-12-06

Suzuki Italia Chooses BenQ as Technology Partner for Suzuki TV Network



Suzuki Italia needed to furnish all of their showrooms and service centers throughout the country with digital signage that would display Suzuki TV content. They wanted to find a single vendor who could provide them with both display and content-delivery solutions.


BenQ was able to offer large-screen displays, as well as narrow-bezel displays suitable for video walls. Furthermore, BenQ’s X-Sign Content Management Software allowed Suzuki Italia to schedule content on all displays across the country from one central location.


The installation process went smoothly and day-to-day operations have been issue-free. It’s now easy to deliver vivid, high-quality content to all Suzuki Italia locations on a regular basis. Customers have offered positive feedback about Suzuki TV and are more attracted to the brand because of it.

Facts at a Glance

Year of Completion



BenQ Solution Used

  • BenQ ST550K 55” 4K Smart Signage
  • BenQ ST5501K 55” 4K Smart Signage
  • BenQ ST860K 86” 4K Ultra Large Smart Signage
  • BenQ PL490 49" Super Narrow Bezel Display
  • BenQ PL552 55" Super Narrow Bezel Display






Suzuki Italia unifies its brand messaging with digital signage and centralized content distribution



Showrooms and Service Centers (Nationwide)



With 90 dealerships and 30 authorized service centers spread throughout Italy, Suzuki Italia is a major player in the Italian automobile market. But as the company’s footprint continues to grow, so does the challenge of maintaining a unified brand image across the entire country. To meet this challenge, Suzuki Italia needed to find a way to streamline the process of rolling out new promotions quickly and consistently to its 120-plus locations across the nation. Thus the concept of Suzuki TV was born.

Suzuki TV was intended to centralize brand messaging in a modern way. By broadcasting content from one location to all dealerships and service centers throughout Italy, Suzuki Italia would be able to present a unified front in a way that just wasn’t possible with traditional promotional materials. The only issue was technology. Ideally, Suzuki Italia wanted to use one vendor for all the required components. What company could provide both video wall and other display equipment as well as a country-wide broadcast solution?


Suzuki Italia’s system integrator had the perfect vendor in mind: BenQ. Not only was BenQ able to offer best-in-industry flat-panel display technology, it also could provide its exclusive X-Sign Content Management Software that would allow for broadcasting on the scale Suzuki Italia needed.

For single-display use cases, Suzuki Italia chose BenQ’s ST550K, ST5501K, and ST860K Smart Signage panels. Boasting sizes from 55” to 86”, these 4K panels are ideal for displaying large, vibrant images that attract customers’ attention and draw them in. The ST860K in particular is capable of producing life-size imagery with stunning clarity, allowing dealerships to show off products at their actual size. Meanwhile, for video walls, Suzuki Italia opted for BenQ’s PL490 and PL552 Super Narrow Bezel panels. With bezels only 3.5mm thick and daisy-chaining capability built in, these displays are perfect for building 2x2 video walls.

To manage the content across displays, Suzuki Italia turned to X-Sign. X-Sign is the full content creation and broadcasting suite that lets users make riveting promotional content and schedule it to play at the ideal time. With X-Sign Manager, Suzuki Italia is able to manage all of its Suzuki TV content from one central location. When Suzuki Italia’s central office wants to send new information or promotional materials to all of its dealers and service centers, there’s no delay. They can just create new Suzuki TV content and push it to all locations nationwide. X-Sign makes it simple.


Suzuki Italia has been satisfied with both the quality of BenQ’s products and with the content broadcast via X-Sign. Installing the flat panels and video walls across the entirety of Italy took a number of months, but BenQ was there to help throughout the process and have continued to provide after-sales support. The new panels and content have improved the atmosphere in Suzuki dealerships across Italia and customers have taken note. Suzuki TV is the next big step forward for Suzuki Italia as it continues to expand its reach and it’s all been possible thanks to BenQ.