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The Nair Family Upgrades to BenQ Smart Projector for Work, Play & Learn at Home

  • BenQ
  • 2020-07-07
About Nair’s Family

Meena & Renjith, a young working couple in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, have a happy family with two kids aged 8 years & 3 years old. Like everyone else, they were in a dilemma on how to effectively engage their kids in learning and entertainment during the pandemic. They were especially concerned about the lack of physical activities while staying home, and the increased screen time causes excess eye fatigue. That’s when BenQ Smart Projector came to their rescue - for both work and play. Now they use it for a multitude of activities – whether for personal or professional. BenQ Smart Projector EH600 has become an indispensable & much-loved part in the family’s life.

Facts at a Glance

Year of Completion:




Education, Home



Dubai, UAE


BenQ Solution Used:

  • BenQ Wireless Smart Projector EH600



At first the Nair family of Dubai was looking for an additional television, so their children won’t spend much time on the smaller, harmful screens like smartphones, tablets, and laptops. Moreover, as everyone stays at home for social distancing, each family member’s need for entertainment has increased. The parents were struggling to watch sports and soaps without constant interruption from the little ones.

In their search for a different audio-visual solution for their children, Meena and Renjith came across BenQ’s all-in-one smart projector that seemed to offer tons of benefits over a regular television. They decided to install one, and it turned out to be one of the most constructive, healthy and convenience-oriented decisions they’ve made during the pandemic. Not only the children are super excited to do everything on a bigger screen than they were hoping for, but it’s also healthier for them with the reduction in eye-strain, blue light, and bad postures. Plus, the parents can enjoy their entertainment in peace, knowing whenever the kids are playing, learning, or interacting, they’re doing it on a screen that protects their vision health.


In the beginning of the pandemic, Meena and Renjith Nair were worried for their children, and getting a little frustrated too. Online classes and app-based games were excellent solutions, but their little boys spend way too much time looking at screens that affect their vision, mood and posture. Moreover, the stay-at-home period was making things a little tricky, with only one television to share amongst 4 people with varied entertainment needs. Meena was getting concerned about the amplified screen time and its adverse effects on her children. Renjith, on the other hand, really wanted to watch a football match in peace. They wanted to get a separate TV for the kids, so the kids could get off phones and tablets.


After much research and discussion, the Nairs decided to go for BenQ’s all-in-one Smart Projector EH600 instead of buying a TV in the kids’ room. With full HD resolution, the world’s first Android-based projector turned out to be the boon for them. BenQ Smart Control application turned Meena’s smartphone into an instant remote control, saving her the effort of searching for the TV remote that her kids always manage to misplace.

The Account Management System (AMS) allows Renjith and Meena to access and manage their files, while their kids are at ease on the big screen. The Device Management Solution (DMS) on the projector enables remote and centralized management of multiple devices, making it easier for the parents to have control over the children’s activities than a TV could offer.

Direct USB reading on BenQ Smart Projector supports more formats than other wireless projectors for video, audio and documents, and turned out to be quite handy when Renjith has a video conference or when the children want to watch a specific movie or cartoon. Android apps on the projector like Firefox, TeamViewer, Blizz, WPS and BenQ exclusive apps make for effortless meetings and remote learning. One can always download more Android-based applications based on their needs and preferences.

The non-reflective, anti-glare screen makes the kids feel like they’re watching a magnanimous TV-like screen. They’re also protected from blue-light, flickering and lousy posture that they would unconsciously make while holding a phone or tablet. Working, learning, and having fun are boosted by this projector which is almost harmless compared to devices like a television, laptop, tablet or smartphone. The Nair family can create a smart, collaborative, fun and healthy environment at home with this all-purpose tool that fits everyone in the family.


BenQ’s advanced Smart Projector EH600 has proven to be an ideal ally for Renjith, Meena, and both the boys. In Meena’s words, the projector has turned out to be a saviour for them. The children now can play their games on a bigger screen without worrying about their eye health. They find their online classes are more immersive and seem to have better clarity of topics when they join the school lessons at home. E-learning has become more productive and convenient with the smart projector, and the parents feel relieved that their children are not complaining about back ache and dark-circles when they join 8-10 hours of online classes.

For Renjith, he can simply plug-in his webcam and participate in virtual meetings conveniently without the need to set up a PC. When the family have visitors, Meena can simply use the projector to show them pictures and videos for fun.

Moreover, this tool has brought cinematic home entertainment to a family who used to go out for movies on weekends. Now their thursday nights are movie nights where all of them enjoy their favorite films together on a big screen without having to step out of the door. Another added benefit is that they can catch up with their friends and family using the projector via video calls, instead of the smaller devices like before – friends and family appear much vivid and closer on the big screen. For the children, enjoying their dance lessons at home is just like attending the classes physically, and the entire family could enjoy conversations with their loved ones on a larger screen. BenQ Smart Projector has transformed a whole bunch of things in the Nair household with the added value of reducing harm to their eyes and postures.