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Small Medical Center in Poland Keeps itself Competitive with Online Retailers through Digital Signage

  • BenQ
  • 2015-01-01

Medical Center Keeps Competitive with Digital Signage



A Polish medical center in Warsaw had been struggling with attracting customers. Without any digital display solutions, the medical center appeared older than it was. In addition, online cosmetic retailers were a threat to their livelihood. This medical center needed a digital display solution to deliver its message and promote itself and its products.


After speaking with a system integrator, the owners of the medical center felt that a smart signage solution would be the best option for them. The system integrator suggested BenQ’s ST550K, a 4K2K UHD display. Empowered by X-Sign, the content management software exclusively designed for all BenQ digital signage, ST550K was a complete package that can successfully satisfy the owner’s needs for an intuitive and powerful digital display solution capable of delivering messages to customers more effectively.


The ST550K is the perfect fit for the Polish medical center. The owners were relieved by how easy the digital signage solution was to install. Moreover, it gave them an edge they never had before. They were able to deliver their messages to anyone who came in seamlessly.

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  • BenQ ST550K Smart Signage Display






Help keep a small medical center remain competitive with online cosmetic shops through a digital display solution.



Warsaw is Poland’s capital and largest city, so it isn’t hard to imagine how a small medical center might go unnoticed in the big city. Despite the huge backdrop, the center’s biggest hurdle was competing with online retailers, where ceaseless daily sales are ubiquitous. Without a way to promote its sales inside the center, the owners couldn’t see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Getting customers from the area into the center didn’t pose much of an issue, as many who wanted to purchase cosmetics or pharmaceuticals could just swing by and grab what they need. To get new customers, the owners needed to promote sales and events, so that passersby would be more likely to enter the center. Without an attention-grabbing solution, they would have to rely on its regular customers. In order to stay competitive with online retailers, the medical center went for a digital signage solution that could promote products and ongoing sales.


The ST550K is a digital signage solution that BenQ built with physical shops in mind. A popular choice for in-store display, ST550K has an absolutely stellar picture quality and is extremely easy to use and set-up. Even the most inexperienced tech users can control ST550K with ease. With a 4K2K UHD resolution, ST550K is capable of displaying images with the highest pixel count, guaranteeing no compromise. For the Polish medical center, the X-Sign content manager was a big deciding factor. Designed to work independently from other media products, ST550K doesn’t require a projector or even a computer to operate. Instead, all content can be curated with the X-Sign content management software, allowing owners to remotely manage the display content simply through one PC. Moreover, they were floored to see that X-Sign came with more than 100 templates made up by animations, images, and a variety of fonts. This meant that they wouldn’t need to hire an outside designer to create content, as they could customize their own messages.

There were concerns that ST550K would be difficult to install in the center. However, a BenQ representative promised there would be no issue, and even sent an associate to install the display. To their surprise, ST550K’s plug-and-play setup meant they could use it right out of the box. The day it arrived, ST550K was already working for them. ST550K is the total package, and the best BenQ solution available for independent and commercial stores.


After ST550K was installed, the medical center saw a remarkable turnaround. Not only were new customers coming in with increased frequency, but loyal shoppers were excited to learn about new sales without having to consult the shopkeepers anymore. With the X-Sign app, the owners could change the display content on the fly. That meant if an online retailer was having a sale, the center could too. All they needed to do was to create a slide with the text and it would instantly show up in ST550K’s display carousel. In this way, they could be in close competition with any online retailers hoping to cut into their revenue. Additionally, attractive images and templates in X-Sign allowed them to grab people’s attention and get them into the center. With the Multiple Display Administrator (MDA), the medical center, if it wanted to, could expand its displays from one to many. With MDA, they could curate content separately for each display: creating attractive ads to appeal to people walking by, and separate content for signage in the center. The owners were very happy with the positive results provided by their BenQ solution.