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Moscow State University Renovates Classrooms Equipment with BenQ Projectors

  • 2021-06-07



Moscow State University, the oldest university in Russia, wanted to update their ten year old lamp-based projector to prepare them for years to come.


After successfully using BenQ projectors for the past 10 years, MSU again turned to BenQ to outfit their classrooms with state-of-the-art equipment. To reduce maintenance, they turned to BlueCore laser projectors this time


Building on the already existing relationship with BenQ proved to be an excellent choice. MSU is pleased with their new projectors, citing how easy they are to control and the high reliability as two decisive factors why they are happy with their new installation.

Facts at a Glance

Year of Completion



BenQ Solution Use

  • BenQ LU9245 Installation Projector
  • BenQ LH890UST Ultra Short Throw Projector
  • BenQ InstaShow WDC20 Wireless Presentation Solution





Moscow State University updates their ten year old projector to brand-new BenQ laser projectors. 

“We've been using BenQ solutions for over 10 years. And we are glad that our cooperation with the brand has continued. Now we have modern projectors and devices that we can rely on.”

- Head of the Laboratory of the Faculty of Economics, Moscow State University, Ph.D. Alexander Saskovets.


Founded in 1755, Moscow State University is the first Russian University. The University has always been at the cutting edge of technologies. In 2020 the federal program for the modernization of the leading universities and the installation of modern video display solutions has been launched in Russia. The Faculty of Economics of Moscow State University (MSU) announced a competition for a project to renovate outdated projection equipment. In the first quarter of 2021 Infinor Integration LLC successfully completed this project.

During the project, the Economics Faculty updated existing BenQ equipment in five classrooms. Ten BenQ SP920P installation lamp projectors successfully fulfilled their tasks for more than 10 years until they became worn out and outdated. Moreover, the projectors required periodic replacement of lamps, which were phased out in 2020.

The engineers of Infinor Integration offered to replace obsolete BenQ equipment with new models of projectors of the same brand with the most modern technologies on board: laser light source, latest input and output interfaces, low power consumption, lower operation noise and a longer warranty period.

The management of the faculty approved the project and once again chose BenQ projectors to equip the classrooms. This decision was facilitated not only by the high quality of BenQ solutions but also by the faculty's long-standing cooperation with BenQ.


To upgrade the equipment in three large lecture halls the system integrator offered the BenQ LU9245 installation projector with 2.97 x 1.86m projection screens - 2 sets per class.

The BenQ LU9245 has a 7,000 ANSI lumen brightness that combined with a 5.5 m2 projection screen resulted in a high illuminance of almost 1.300 luх per m2. This allows teachers and students to clearly see the image displayed on the projection screen even in well-lit classrooms.

Due to the high WUXGA resolution and the 3,000,000: 1 contrast ratio it was possible to achieve detailed, bright and vivid images, which is important for the educational process. Even under bright ambient lighting, needed for notes taking, the image on the projection screen is readable for everyone in the room.

In addition to the main curriculum, the faculty conducts master classes, seminars and cultural events with invited speakers. In cases when an event does not require a bright light in the room, the Custom Light mode allows to adjust the luminous flux of the projectors from 20% to 100%. Users can select the brightness of the projected image depending on the ambient light.

In addition, the system integrator replaced outdated video cables designed for projectors with XGA resolution. Since the BenQ LU9245 projectors have HDBaseT connectivity, the system integrator applied this technology to facilitate installation and reduce the budget for expensive cable systems.

In two smaller classrooms, BenQ LH890UST ultra short throw projectors with a 2.64 x 1.47 m (approximately 120”) projection screen are installed - 2 projectors in each class.

Moscow State University

Two screens allow all students in the class to see displayed content. BenQ LH890UST projectors have a throw ratio of 0.23. You can get a 120” (3m) screen just 30 cm from the projector. The BenQ Ultra-Short-Throw (UST) laser projectors with a high brightness of 4,000 ANSI lumens eliminate distracting shadows and glare making it easy for students and teachers to engage and collaborate freely in front of the board.

To control all the projectors BenQ DMS Local software is used. Thanks to this, technical personnel are able to monitor the equipment remotely.

The faculty also purchased two kits of BenQ InstaShow WDC20 wireless presentation system. BenQ InstaShow kits are used in different auditoriums as additional equipment that allows you to quickly cast images and video from a PC or a mobile device. They are also very helpful at external events when several speakers use their own devices for presentations.


The Faculty of Economics of Moscow State University now has a modern visualization system for lecture halls and classrooms. The BenQ solutions meet high quality standards and have many useful and unique functions. They are also intuitive and easy to use and control which was highly appreciated by the technical staff and management of the Faculty of Economics of MSU.

“We've been using BenQ solutions for over 10 years. And we are glad that our cooperation with the brand has continued. Now we have modern projectors and devices that we can rely on,” said the Head of the Laboratory of the Faculty of Economics, Moscow State University, Ph.D. Alexander Saskovets.

About Moscow State University

The Faculty of Economics of Moscow State University, founded in 1941, is one of the leading educational centres in Russia for the training of economists and managers. BenQ has been cooperating with the Faculty of Economics of Moscow State University for over 10 years. During this time, several generations of students used BenQ solutions: monitors in computer classrooms and projectors in lecture halls, including the first projector with BenQ BlueCore technology in Russia.

Ph.D. Alexander Saskovets, Moscow State University

Head of the Laboratory of the Faculty of Economics, Moscow State University, Ph.D. Alexander Saskovets.