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Making a Child’s First Moments Perfect with BenQ

  • BenQ
  • 2018-10-01

Making a Child’s First Moments Perfect with BenQ



Moni’s Midwifery Clinic wanted to create a better birthing environment that could help mothers-to-be relax both mentally and physically, while also providing newborns with a more pleasant entrance into the world.


With BenQ’s help, Moni’s Midwifery Clinic installed a quartet of projectors in the delivery room to create a soothing, immersive atmosphere. The projectors displayed custom imagery on three sides of the room, and music and fragrances were also used to further enhance the calming effect.


The clinic’s staff have been highly satisfied with the gorgeous delivery rooms. The rooms have been wonderful environments for giving birth, reducing anxiety for newborns as they enter into this world and helping mothers and children build strong, loving connections from their first moments together.

Facts at a Glance

Year of Completion




Midwifery Clinic


BenQ Solution Used

  • BenQ MX808ST Short Throw Projector






A midwifery clinic implements projection technology to make birthing more pleasant for everyone


Featuring a staff that includes many former mothers-to-be, Moni’s Midwifery Clinic in Taipei, Taiwan understands that childbirth isn’t always a smooth process. Having experienced the pains and joys of labor and breastfeeding herself, the clinic’s founder, Dr. Yu Ping Chen, sought a way to make the experience of bringing life into this world less stressful and more pleasant. Recognizing that labor was often a physically and emotionally draining experience, Dr. Chen wished to ease the burden on mothers-to-be.

Inspiration for how to design a better delivery room came from Denmark, where a new delivery room in Herning Hospital was drawing attention. The delivery room made use of soothing videos, music, and even fragrance in order to create the perfect environment for ushering new life into the world. It was also interactive, letting mothers-to-be set the mood by choosing personalized elements. Deeply intrigued by Herning Hospital’s model, Dr. Chen hoped to adopt similar design principles for Moni’s delivery rooms.


One of the most impressive features of Herning Hospital’s delivery room was immersive video wall, created by multiple projectors working in unison. Wishing to create such an environment for her clinic, Dr. Chen immediately knew that she would need projection technology that was both reliable and capable of producing colorful, vibrant imagery. After considering several options, Dr. Chen concluded that BenQ would be the ideal vendor for this project. One of BenQ’s offerings in particular, the MX808ST Short-Throw Projector, turned out to be the perfect solution for creating the delivery room she envisioned.

Because delivery rooms are often rather small, one of key features that drove Dr. Chen towards the MX808ST was its short throw distance. Because the MX808ST could produce clear, focused images even when installed very close a wall, it was possible to install four of the projectors in the close quarters of a delivery room and create an immersive video wall. Another key selling point for Dr. Chen was BenQ’s hallmark image quality. Built to deliver high brightness and contrast, the MX808ST was perfect for realistically replicating the deep blues of oceans, the rich greens of forests, and the natural colors of other outdoors scenes that could sooth mothers-to-be and newborns alike. The final selling point was the MX808ST’s impressive reliability. Designed with a color wheel that’s built to resist dust accumulation, the MX808ST would be capable of producing crisp, vibrant images over the long term. Furthermore, with a lamp life of up to 15,000 hours, the MX808ST was rated to perform for years or even decade. In short, it was the perfect projection solution for facilitating the child-and-mother-friendly environment that Dr. Chen envisioned.


Much like the aesthetic that Dr. Chen set out to create, the results have been positively dreamlike. By incorporating BenQ technology into its delivery room, Moni’s Midwifery Clinic has been able to make birthing a more relaxing, natural experience. The projectors have also been used to disseminate important information related to Dr. Chen’s Happy Birthing Initiative, which provides useful information for mothers-to-be and helps put their anxious hearts at ease. All told, Dr. Chen has been incredibly satisfied with her collaboration with BenQ. She strongly believes that visual technology in the delivery room can help every baby begin life’s journey on the right foot.

* Note: The photos are taken by Mombaby Media Group.