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Institut du Monde Arabe and BenQ Shine a Light on Sea Adventures

  • BenQ
  • 2017-01-01



The IMA wanted to produce an exhibition that would immerse audiences in the legends of sea adventurers like Sinbad and Marco Polo. The institute was looking for display technology that could capably present both large and compact imagery in a variety of environments.


Drawing on their extensive expertise in handling museum installations, BenQ provided the IMA with a comprehensive display solution. Thanks to their extensive lineup of projectors, BenQ was the ultimate choice for meeting the exhibition’s particular needs.


In the end everyone went home satisfied. Museum-goers enjoyed a vibrant and informative exhibit, the IMA further built upon its already prestigious reputation, and BenQ added another success story to its resume.

Facts at a Glance

Year of Completion



BenQ Solution Used

  • SW916 DLP Projector
  • PW9500 Large Venue Projector
  • SH915 Full HD 3D Projector
  • PX9600 Digital Projector
  • TH682ST Home Projector
  • MX806ST Interactive 3D Projector






Installing a lively, media-rich history exhibit with BenQ Projection Solutions to enrapture and educate museum-goers


The Institut du Monde Arabe (IMA), known in English as the Arab World Institute, is a cultural center in Paris. Inaugurated by President François Mitterrand in 1987, the Institute aims to promote cooperation between France and eighteen Arab nations. Focusing on science and economics, the Institute eagerly embraces digital technology to pique visitors’ interest.

In 2016, the Institute’s museum resolved to install an exhibit about the renaissance of sea adventure. Tracing the journeys of explorers from Sinbad to Marco Polo, the exhibit sought to thrust viewers into the life and times of these extraordinary wayfarers. In order to create a fully immersive environment, the scenographer required video projectors that could produce visuals on a large scale while maintaining impeccable image quality. It was also necessary for projectors to operate at a variety of throw angles and to maintain clear, vibrant imagery in both bright and dark environments.


The IMA and BenQ had successfully collaborated on a hip hop exhibition in 2015, and when the time came to prepare another installation, the IMA didn’t think twice: They eagerly brought BenQ and its projection expertise on board. For exhibits that required big, bold images to be projected onto contorted walls and other geometrically challenging surfaces, the IMA chose BenQ PW9500 and PX9600 Large Venue Projectors featuring changeable lenses and 360° rotation projection capability. Meanwhile, for showcase that required high brightness, SH915 Full HD 3D Projectors and SW916 DLP Projectors were installed in order to ensure the trials and travails that the sea voyagers encountered would be presented with unrivaled detail and clarity. The collaboration didn’t end there. In compact spaces, the IMA relied on high-contrast, short-throw TH682ST Projectors. Combining eco-friendliness and low TCO with beautiful imagery and ultra-readability, the TH682ST Projector ensured museum-goers could delve into every detail of Sinbad’s and Marco Polo’s lives. Finally, for small- and medium-size pieces, the MX806ST Interactive 3D Projector was selected. Given its XGA capabilities, short throw distance, and long-lasting picture quality, the MX806ST projector was great for making the best use of every space, allowing curators to turn small rooms into theaters that shared intriguing stories with visitors.


Once again, the collaboration between the IMA and BenQ did not disappoint. Thanks to 360° and Portrait Projection features that allow projectors to be mounted nearly anywhere – on the floor, from the ceiling, or along the wall – the IMA was able to fill every inch of the exhibition with imagery and information. And in smaller rooms, the IMA successfully deployed short-throw projectors to fit larger-than-life images into narrow spaces. Finally, since the projectors are virtually maintenance-free, museum staff could simply turn them on in the morning and off in the evening and not have to worry about technical issues.

All in all, the exhibit was a rousing success, leading audiences through an immersive sea adventure. After the exhibition concluded, IMA announced that they were “very, very satisfied” with BenQ’s contribution to the project and that they look forward to working with BenQ again in the future.