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Impact Hub Boosts Coworking Synergy with Interactive Displays and Wireless Presentation

  • BenQ
  • 2019-10-17

Impact Hub Boosts Coworking Synergy with Interactive Displays and Wireless Presentation


A pair of Impact Hub coworking spaces in Madrid, Spain wanted to display attractive imagery near their entrances. They also wanted to upgrade their conference spaces with high-quality displays and wireless presentation solutions that would allow users to stream video content and use laptop applications on a big screen in real time.


BenQ offered both a wide line of suitable products and a sterling reputation for service and quality. By combining BenQ’s displays, projectors, and wireless presentation technology, Impact Hub Barceló and Picasso were able to introduce fully integrated display solutions into their coworking spaces and meeting rooms..


The members of the Impact Hub business centers and the clients who use the coworking spaces have been very satisfied with the move to BenQ. The crystal-clear picture of BenQ’s displays and projectors and the user friendliness of InstaShow have allowed presenters to create special experiences that speak to audiences in a new way..

Facts at a Glance

Year of Completion



BenQ Solution Used

  • BenQ RP6501K 65” Interactive Flat Panel 
  • BenQ RP750K 75” Interactive Flat Panel
  • BenQ InstaShow Wireless Solution 
  • BenQ LH770 Corporate Projector






Entrepreneurial hubs give their meeting rooms and common spaces facelifts with new presentation and display tech


Impact Hub is a network of entrepreneurial communities. Since 2005, innovators and dreamers have been gathering at Impact Hub branches all across the globe and collaborating to solve the issues our world faces today.

Bright minds perform at their best when they have access to leading technology. That’s why two of the company’s branches in Madrid, Spain – Impact Hub Barceló and Impact Hub Picasso – wanted to outfit their coworking spaces with modern display and presentation solutions. For this renovation, these hubs had two primary goals. They wanted to install new displays near the entrances to create a vibrant and positive first impression for both current and prospective members. Furthermore, these two Impact Hubs also wanted to makeover their conference rooms with modern wireless presentation technology that would make meetings more interactive, productive, and enjoyable for everyone.


Based on the advice of their systems integrator, the two Impact Hub branches turned to BenQ for their display and presentation needs. By combining extensive experience with a comprehensive line of products, BenQ was able to offer both the technology and expertise necessary for the project.

The primary display choices for the hubs were the BenQ RP6501K 65” Interactive Flat Panel and RP750K 75” Interactive Flat Panel. Featuring pixel-perfect 4K resolution, up to 450 nits of brightness, and 1:1200 contrast ratios, these displays offer vivid picture quality that’s great for creating an inviting coworking environment. The RP6501K and RP750K also come with many presentation-friendly features that make them excellent fits for meeting rooms. BenQ’s exclusive EZWrite software lets presenters make annotations on the screen that they can save for later use and share with others. Both displays also feature cloud connectivity that lets users loads up documents and other files for sharing without requiring a laptop.

In the common room of Impact Hub Barceló, a BenQ LH770 Laser Projector was installed to share information about hub’s services and about other hubs around the city. Built with BenQ’s exclusive BlueCore laser technology, the LH770 is designed to deliver high brightness and crisp imagery even in well-lit environments. Offering up to 20,000 hours of performance, the LH770 was the perfect solution for Impact Hub Barceló’s needs.

Finally, to make group work easier and more productive than ever before, both hubs introduced InstaShow to their meeting rooms. InstaShow is BenQ’s all-in-one wireless presentation solution that banishes cable clutter and streamlines meetings. A true plug-and-play presentation solution that requires no software or drivers, InstaShow lets users start presenting immediately at the touch of a button. There’s nothing to prepare in advance – just plug InstaShow into a laptop and start presenting. It’s the perfect sharing solution for a coworking space with busy meeting rooms and makes it easy for everyone to present using the devices they’re comfortable with.


Members and staff at Impact Hub Barceló and Impact Hub Picasso have had positive reactions to the BenQ display and wireless presentation solutions. The new presentation solutions empower presenters to create novel presentation experiences that capture audiences’ attention and allow for new modes of expression. Furthermore, because BenQ is an established international brand with a reputation for providing excellent after-sales service, these Impact Hub branches are confident that their new technology will continue to deliver excellent performance and spur relentless innovation for many years to come.