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Force Defense Academy Embraces BenQ Interactive Displays for In-Person and Online Education

  • BenQ
  • 2021-10-29
BenQ large-format displays with Force Defense Academy



Force Defense Academy had upgraded from whiteboards to projectors, but needed a classroom display solution that allowed for greater flexibility and interactivity. This became especially true after the COVID-19 pandemic took hold and classes moved online, necessitating a display solution that could be used for both in-person and distance learning.



Having already enjoyed a positive experience with BenQ projectors, Force Defense Academy chose BenQ once again, procuring half a dozen 75” Interactive Displays for Education to install in the academy’s classrooms.



The BenQ interactive displays have transformed education at Force Defense Academy. Vivid imagery helps students learn and remember material more clearly, while BenQ’s Eye-Care suite of features ensure that students’ eyes feel relaxed and comfortable even during long sessions in the classroom.

Facts at a Glance

Year of Completion



BenQ Solution Used

  • BenQ RP7502K 4K UHD 75” Interactive Displays for Education





Force Defense Academy needed interactive displays for hosting online classes, and later decided to use interactive displays for in-person classes as well



Military Coaching Institute


Force Defense Academy, located in Indore, Madhya Pradesh, India, trains students who wish to enter the Indian Army, Navy, and Air Force Services. Despite opening its doors only a few short years ago in 2015, Force Defense Academy has already made a name for itself by placing a focus on preparing students to be good citizens and patriots. In fact, within its first five years of operation, Force Defense Academy was awarded the Best Defense Academy award in three consecutive years.

When it first opened, classrooms at Force Defense Academy were equipped with only whiteboards. But as the academy began to thrive, an upgrade was in order, and so in 2019 Force Defense Academy brought in BenQ projectors to help teachers reach students more effectively. However, in 2020, as the lockdown was imposed across India and classes were moved online, it became necessary to find a display solution that could facilitate both in-person and virtual classes. To this end, Force Defense Academy began looking for a touchscreen education display solution that would suit its emerging needs.


Because Force Defense Academy had already had a satisfactory experience with BenQ projectors, the local BenQ distributor suggested that the academy would appreciate BenQ Interactive Displays . BenQ projectors and interactive displays share certain features, which would make the transition easy for teachers. Owing to these factors, as well as the high-quality and reliability of BenQ displays, Force Defense Academy’s choice was easy.

As teachers began to use the BenQ RP7502 4K UHD 75” Interactive Displays for Education, they were awestruck by the vivid colors and precise 4K detail. Instructors at the academy feel that the display’s vividness help students remember and recall lessons more effectively, while 4K detail also offers the potential for students to be amazed by the unmatched realism of any pictures and videos teachers may show. Meanwhile, features such as EZWrite empower teachers by allowing them to draw lines of varying thickness and switch colors on the fly, making it easier than ever to deliver memorable lessons with striking visuals.

BenQ’s proprietary Eye-Care features have also made a positive impact in Force Defense Academy’s classrooms. Because the academy’s classes can run for as long as four or five hours, both students and parents have concerns about the effect of long study times on eye health. With Eye-Care, the displays brightness and color profiles are adjusted in order to better protect eye health and ensure that students can focus better for longer. Thanks to Eye-Care, students at Force Defense Academy can concentrate more intently and feel less fatigued after lessons are over.


Originally, Force Defense Academy planned to only get one BenQ Interactive Displays, to be used for online classes. But after having a great experience with the initialdisplays, the academy soon decided to order more, and before long they had an display in nearly every classroom. Teachers and students alike appreciate the visual quality and interactivity of the new displays, and the school’s academic director is a big fan as well. He advises: “If you want to keep up with the times, then you should definitely buy an IFP. And if you are getting a panel, then I suggest getting the interactive flat panel from BenQ.” He is extremely satisfied with the decision to bring BenQ RP7502 4K UHD 75” Interactive Displays for Education into his classrooms, and is confident that the partnership with BenQ will keep paying academic dividends in the years and decades to come.

BenQ large-format displays with EZWrite Collaborative whiteboard for Force Defense Academy
BenQ large-format displays with Force Defense Academy
BenQ large-format displays with Force Defense Academy