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Dubai Ambulance (DCAS) Install BenQ Interactive Display and Camera to Upgrade Their Virtual Meetings

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  • 2021-02-17
About Dubai Ambulance (DCAS), UAE

The Dubai Corporation for Ambulance Services (DCAS), which was later amended under the rubric of "Ambulance Service Center”, contributes to the preparation and planning of overall strategies for ambulance service in the municipality. The center coordinates with the concerned parties both inside and outside the emirate.​​ Preparation, development and application of the policies need to achieve the optimum efficiency at the municipality level to provide ambulance service in case of emergency.


The DCAS wanted to upgrade their conferencing and display equipment to deliver better services and emergency response solutions by minimizing delays and collaborating better. Their old solutions lacked interactive features, and the DCAS hoped to bring a complete change to that. After consulting internally and researching multiple solutions, their administration and senior management decided to move ahead with BenQ’s corporate interactive panels and conferencing cameras that offer incredible quality and superior eye-care features. They installed DVY23 PTZ conference camera with RP6501K corporate Interactive Flat Panels in their main conference room. The new panels and cameras offer functional capabilities that transformed the way their employees and management interact and collaborate, creating a much more impactful virtual and a face-to-face experience.

Facts at a Glance

Year of Completion:







Dubai, UAE


BenQ Solution Used:

  • DVY23 1080p PTZ Conference Camera
  • RP6501K Interactive Flat Panel


Dubai Corporation of Ambulance Services (DCAS) Install BenQ IFPs and video conference solution to upgrade their collaborative remote meetings.


The DCAS provides ambulance services in Dubai and operates as a control center for ambulance services in the emirate. They invest in delivering patient transporting services as well as proposing the regulations that contribute towards improving the standard of ambulance services in the region. During the pandemic, they saw an enormous influx of requirements in a time when the lockdown disrupted most services. They had to make a decision on upgrading their conferencing solutions in order to provide improved regulatory measures and more prompt resolutions in a pandemic-stricken period.


The administration at the DCAS sampled several solutions from vendors of corporate displays. BenQ’s DVY23 1080P PTZ Conference Camera and RP6501K Interactive Flat Panel are what they looked for. They installed DVY23 camera and the interactive display in the main conference room to empower their employees to host live virtual meetings and foster collaboration beyond locations and platforms, with the ease of wireless presentation, video conferencing, open-platform software compatibility, and hassle-free maintenance.

BenQ’s large conference room solution, the DVY23 camera is a premium pan/tilt/zoom camera that delivers ultra-clear video quality for business purposes. Equipped with 20x optical zoom, it is ideal for large conferences that are held in large spaces. The 20x zoom on the DVY23 actually doubles the industry standard, providing remarkably improved capabilities. Combining the HD video with crystal clear audio, BenQ DVY23 Conference Camera enables DCAS employees to collaborate over video conferences from anywhere. The DCAS has now standardized on the BenQ DVY23 Camera to enhance communications with clients, partners, and employees. With the unique conference camera, they have now equipped all their meeting rooms with video conferencing solutions which are robust, reliable, consistent, and simple to work with.

The other product they’ve installed was BenQ’s corporate interactive flat panel RP6501K. To increase safety, BenQ interactive displays come with built-in environmental sensors to monitor air pollution. They are one of the few large-screen boards that are equipped with TÜV and SIAA Certified Germ Resistant Screens. The IFPs provide BenQ’s exclusive EZWrite whiteboarding solution, the ultimate whiteboard app for interactive lessons, brainstorming, illustrating ideas, recording notes and collaborating among the participants. The IFPs also feature Smart Eye-Care Solutions with TÜV Certified Low Blue Light filters, Flicker-free and Anti- glare technologies that provide participants with a tiredness-free screen. Designed for modern workplaces, BenQ’s corporate interactive boards provide pioneering innovations featuring cloud whiteboard, germ-resistant screen, smart eye-care, and air quality sensor for DCAS’s meeting room. The DMS Local software on this device allows participants to remotely control/monitor their displays via LAN, making for an effective way to lower the total cost of ownership and energy consumption for your operation


BenQ’s conferencing camera DVY23 and corporate IFP RP6501K have proven to be an instrumental ally for the management and employees at the Dubai Corporation of Ambulance Services, especially during the pandemic. They are now able to host much more interactive and collaborative sessions virtually as well as physically, resulting in better resolutions and operation of their services. Whether it’s for creating sticky notes whenever needed, taking interactions in a virtual session, using the dual pens to collaborate real- time, or conducting physical sessions digitally when required, BenQ’s corporate display solutions have transformed the way things are done at the DCAS. Thanks to the DVY23 Conference Camera, the DCAS now uses video conferences for everything from sales calls to engineering collaboration, resulting in better meetings that save travel costs and strengthen relationships in the process too.

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