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DMG Events Corporate Office Gets Collaborative with BenQ Healthcare Corporate Interactive Flat Panels

  • BenQ
  • 2020-08-08

Headquartered in Dubai, UAE since 1989 with operations in Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Singapore, Canada, South Africa and the UK, DMG Events is an international exhibitions and publishing company which attracts more than 425,000 visitors to their portfolio of 80 exhibitions each year. They have expanded their operations to achieve impressive growth in emerging and mature markets with the success of their flagship events, as well as strategic acquisitions of complementary businesses. Their 300-member team nurtures professional communities for diverse industries including Construction, Energy, Coatings, Transport, Hospitality and Design, holding events, conferences, certified workshops, technical seminars and industry publications.

Facts at a Glance

Year of Completion:2020




BenQ Solution Used:

  • BenQ RP7501K Interactive Flat Panel 
  • X-Sign Broadcast 
  • EZWrite Annotation Software
  • InstaShare Wireless Presentation Software  




DMG Events hoped to boost effective and efficient communications considering the Covid-19 pandemic, as their clients are not willing to meet physically and their conference rooms have been used more for video conferencing. They planned to overhaul two conference rooms in Dubai main office - one for the management team and the other for staff, and upgrade the meeting rooms technology for a healthier working environment. They looked for premium and stylish interior design, and wanted to ensure their employees have the best technology for productive meetings. Moreover, they planned to embrace a wireless video conferencing solution, as well as Germ-Resistant, Eyecare and hassle-free meeting room for employee wellbeing. The technology and tools also have to be easy to manage and set up.

When developing a renovation plan, DMG Events quickly decided that interactive whiteboards would be the ideal solution for better productivity in their conference rooms. However, they couldn’t decide which brand is the best to deliver quality image, video conferencing and wireless PowerPoint presentations. Then, the system integrator provided the perfect solution for that.

How DMG Events achieves successful meetings with the BenQ Interactive Flat Panels
InstaShare Wireless Solution for Seamless Collaborations

As an event marketing company, DMG Events was no stranger to the old-style presentations and bundle of cables extending from the backs of projectors. Their IT team always looks for a better solution where everybody can wirelessly show their ideas in the brainstorming session.

Now multiple presenters in the meeting room can share their content to the interactive display with InstaShare Wireless Presentation Software, regardless of device they use - a laptop, mobile phone or tablet. With BenQ RP7501K interactive flat panel, their meetings and discussions are more fruitful than before.

Meetings is Fun with Video Conferencing

Considering the pandemic, clients cannot meet physically and most employees are working from home. It became an issue and added pressure from the management to the IT team. They were anxious to find a better solution for video conferencing to facilitate online meeting via video conferencing.

To tackle this issue, DMG Events asked the system integrator if they can recommend a video conferencing solution. They realized they can start video conferencing from BenQ interactive flat panels, and almost all video conferencing software work compatibly well. After the demo, DMG Events were highly impressed and decided to invest in BenQ products. They are pleased to use Microsoft Teams and Zoom to conduct video conferencing on BenQ IFP with their partners and teammates.

X-Sign Broadcast - Sending welcome message or any information without interrupting the meeting

DMG Events was marveled at the X-Sign Broadcast application on BenQ IFP. When clients or visitors enter the meeting room, the IT Admin could deliver a scrolling text to the interactive board, and sometimes even a branding video to welcome the guests. The message or video could play until the guest taps on the screen to stop it and begin the presentation. Now DMG Events frequently uses X-Sign Broadcast to send welcome messages, happy birthday wishes, or congratulatory messages to the interactive board in the meeting room. And all can be done remotely.

Cloud Whiteboarding, Real-time Annotation with Healthcare Benefits

To further facilitate the hands-on training, instructors and trainees make use of the EZWrite annotation solution and NFC Pen on BenQ IFP. They can make notes directly on the interactive display, save the file, or export it later. The Eye-Care technology and Flicker-Free performance can reduce eye fatigue which is commonly seen from typical displays, while the germ-resistant screen and CO2 sensors gave a sense of security to their employees.

QR Code Scanner - No Rush for Taking Handwritten Notes Now

Another exciting feature DMG Events likes is the QR code content sharing. All participants don’t have to rush to take notes and miss the critical parts of the discussion out of a distraction.

With the QR code content sharing, no matter what has been written on the digital whiteboard, everyone can scan the QR code and make a note on it from their mobile phones. If someone misses the crucial part, they can refer to the note.