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Clayesmore School’s Chapel Elevates Viewing Experience through the Updated Projection System

  • BenQ
  • 2017-01-01

Clayesmore School and BenQ Large Venue Projector PU9730

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Clayesmore School in the United Kingdom has been relying on an outdated projector to handle different tasks requiring digital projection in a challenging space, its chapel. The chapel presents multiple spatial and lighting challenges that make it difficult to produce high quality images for audience consistently.


In order to help Clayesmore School overcome the persistent challenges, Hugh Symons, which is in charge of the chapel’s AV installation, selected BenQ’s PU9730 projector as the upgraded replacement for its outdated projector. The projector is chosen for its ultra-high brightness, versatile installation and low maintenance cost.
The variation of short throws and 7000 ANSI lumen allowed Clayesmore School to project clear and sharp images from different locations in the chapel.


Clayesmore School was able to successfully incorporate PU9730 into the chapel and enjoy the full flexibility, reliability and versatility that the projector offers. The school can now project superiorly clear images from a distance while ensuring the placement of the projector won’t interfere with its space.

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  • RP650+ Interactive Flat Panel


Clayesmore School incorporated PU9730 into the chapel and enjoyed the full flexibility, reliability and versatility that came with the projector.


Clayesmore School is a school with more than 650 students between 2 to 18 years old, and it is a well-respected independent school known for its commitment to ensuring high standards through thorough inspection and accreditation. However, it has been dealing with a persistent challenge posed by the outdated projector positioned in a storage cupboard in the chapel. Its inability to consistently project high quality images of different types of content for an audience of 400 people makes the school realize that it’s time to upgrade to a new projector that can be flexibly installed and project clear images of at least 2.5m wide from 19m away from the screen in an overly bright environment.


Mr. Hugh Symons, who is in charge of managing Clayesmore Chapel’s AV installation, requested BenQ to accompany his engineers to an on-site assessment, since they have long relied on BenQ’s high quality products for large-scale installations. Once on site, the team noticed a space behind the organ pipes and BenQ suggested the school to build a bespoke table in the small room behind the organs, and then set PU9730 on top of the table. This unique set-up guaranteed that when in operation, only the lamp light from the projector would be visible, while the projector itself remained hidden, ensuring optimum distance from the screen.

According to Royce Lye, General Manager at BenQ, said that the versatility of PU9730 allowed the team to set the projector at a unusual place, and the variation of throw ratio offered superb flexibility when it came to location. Additionally, the combination of powered zoom, focus and the lens shift system ensured flawlessly proportioned images despite placement challenges. And because of the smaller size of PU9730, the school could easily access and move the projector around without having to rely on bulky transportation equipment.

PU9730’s 7000 ANSI lumen unit enabled the projector to produce clear and sharp images from 19m away while successfully combat the excessive amount of light in the chapel. Besides, the school needed a solution that had low maintenance risk while being very reliable because of the placement of PU9730. Its dual lamp system, which guaranteed continuous operation even when one lamp burns out, made it the obvious choice for the school.

Lastly, the advanced air-cooled projection let the projector’s operating temperature remain under control even when it was placed in a confined space. It also prevented thermal damage and constant repair costs from happening.


The staff from Clayesmore School and the team from Hugh Symons were all satisfied with the results delivered by PU9730. “We are extremely pleased with the performance of PU9730, and the quick adaptability and skillfulness of BenQ,” said Alicia Asquith, account manager at Hugh Symons. “The projector does exactly what we need it to do under the difficult space condition.”

Mike Dyer, Bursar at Clayesmore School emphasized that the projector met the goal of not being visible after installation and the foldability of the projection screen also makes set-up and maintenance much easier and smooth. On top of that, the sharp, clear and bright images projected by PU9730 and its durable lens ensure the school can enjoy superb performance of the projector without having to modify the space or bear with compromised image qualities.