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Exploring the Rich Flora, Fauna, and Hunting History of Castle Úsov’s Collections with an Exciting Showroom

  • BenQ
  • 2017-12-07



Creating a more permanent installation for its exhibitions, the staff at the Hunting and Forestry Museum in Castle Úsov sought a digital solution that could showcase its collection in a virtual room environment.


To create the virtual showroom and learning environment, the museum chose four BenQ solutions. Presenting high definition content with a high contrast ratio and multi-touch screens, the Hunting and Forestry Museum could craft a learning environment its patrons would be entertained by and educated with while ushering the museum into the modern era.


The Hunting and Forestry Museum in Castle Úsov contacted BenQ after its digital solutions were installed to say they were completely satisfied with the package. The museum’s curators found freedom in the new permanent exhibition through BenQ technology solutions that could operate for long hours and not require upkeep.

Facts at a Glance

Year of Completion



BenQ Solution Used

  • BenQ Interactive Flat Panel RP653
  • BenQ Interactive Flat Panel RP552
  • BenQ Large-Venue Laser Projector LU9235
  • BenQ LED Monitor GL2460






Permanent exhibition for Castle Úsov to display its historic hunting collections in a meaningful and interactive way.


The Hunting and Forestry Museum in Úsov is a museum unlike any other in central Europe. Itscollections of natural flora and fauna and hunting equipment, much of which has been on display and in pristine condition since the turn of the 19th century, is more than 100 years old. The operators at Castle Úsov wanted to build upon their already impressive physical collection and enhance the experience of the exhibit with digital displays and touch-based exploration.

Castle Úsov needed an all-in-one digital solution that could help the operators facilitate an interactive exhibition that was both robust in its presentation and durable and reliable enough to withstand long-term use. In addition, having touch capabilities for museum guests to play around with at the exhibition would make it a more attractive installation.


Crafting an interactive showcase with video and multimedia content required a digital solutions package that supported all of the Hunting and Forestry Museum’s requirements, while keeping costs down. For multi-touch interactivity of up to 20 points, two BenQ interactive flat panels (IFP) were chosen. The IFPs provide a quality viewing experience boasting both eye-care solution technology and full HD viewing. To further facilitate the virtual showroom, the LU9235 laser projector was selected. Its superior image quality and 24/7 operation made it the ideal centerpiece for the showroom. The BlueCore DLP high brightness laser technology eliminates external light interference, so even in the brightest spaces the LU9235 can deliver the highest quality image.

Ten GL2460 LED monitors were chosen to clearly display additional historic artwork and hunting information. Displaying in perfect color with a 12M:1 Dynamic Contrast Ratio, allows for images and video to have maximum color depth and definition. The GL2460’s 16:9 aspect ratio, Full HD 1080p images, and flicker-free performance further ensure no detail loss and provide an excellent viewing experience for all museum patrons.


Following installation, the Hunting and Forestry Museum in Castle Úsov were taken aback by the exceptional image quality of the projector, with its high brightness laser delivering a brilliant and readable image even in bright ambience. Moreover, staff expressed their delight in using the interactive flat panels to further explore the museum’s collections without damaging the centuries-old items. The curators expressed their gratitude for helping the museum achieve its exhibition goals with a complication-free setup and operation. Furthermore, they suggested the all-in-one interactive durable IFPs and laser projector to neighboring museums to strengthen their exhibitions and create exciting showrooms for guests.