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Building a New Campus for Better Learning with BenQ

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  • 2018-10-08

Building a New Campus for Better Learning with BenQ

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Zuyd University in Sittard, Netherlands, was opening a brand new campus in the Ligne district, with the intention of letting students see more clearly how their academic pursuits were connected to the professional world. They hoped to equip the new campus with intuitive, dynamic display technology and sought a partner who would be up to the task.


Based on advice from their systems integrator Media Service Maastricht, Zuyd University recruited BenQ to provide displays and projection equipment for the new campus. The Ligne campus is a place where business and academia meet, allowing students and professors to meet professionals and vice versa. BenQ’s range of interactive displays and projectors were a perfect fit for facilitating natural interaction between these parties.


Nearly two seasons have passed since the new campus opened. Both students and staff have been extremely happy with how well BenQ’s display technology has seamlessly integrated into the new environment. Zuyd is a future-minded university and BenQ was just the future-minded company they needed.

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An applied sciences university seeks to outfit their brand new campus with top-shelf display technology


BenQ Solution Used

  • BenQ SU922 Installation Projector
  • BenQ RP840G 4K 84" Education IFP
  • BenQ RP704K 4K 70" Education IFP
  • BenQ RP703 70" Education IFP
  • BenQ RP552 55" Education IFP

With a presence in three different Dutch cities, Zuyd University is a prime destination for students of the applied sciences. Its programs attract students from the Netherlands, the Eurozone, and many other countries from all over the globe. In order to keep up with academic trends, Zuyd is constantly upgrading and expanding. To this end, it recently opened a new campus in the Ligne district of Sittard, with the intention of deepening connections between the student body and the professional community.

Ligne, a historic city center that’s been converted into a trendy district, is the kind of place where you could visit a museum, see a movie, and take an evening class, all in the same day. To match this aesthetic, Zuyd needed to outfit their new campus with technology that was not only practical, but visually attractive as well. Working with their systems integrator, Media Service, they undertook a search to find the perfect display solution for this exciting new campus.


After conducting extensive research, Zuyd University chose BenQ to supply the displays and projectors for their new campus. Zuyd had a few key characteristics they required in their displays. Because the new buildings were designed to let in lots of natural light, they needed displays that featured high brightness so that even during the daytime, images and text would be clearly visible to students in the back of the room. Furthermore, Zuyd was adamant in its desire to use displays with multi-touch capability, in order to streamline group discussions and presentations. For classrooms and lecture halls, Zuyd relied primarily on the BenQ RP840G and RP704K education interactive flat panels. With anti-glare screens, student friendly eye-care features, and stunning 4K clarity, these two education interactive flat panels were a perfect fit for spaces that needed big displays with exceptional image quality.

To fill out the new buildings with displays, Zuyd turned to the BenQ RP703 and RP552 education interactive flat panels. Sharing many features with their bigger brothers, these two displays were perfect for ensuring that technology was abundant and accessible throughout the new campus. With teacher friendly features such as on-screen annotating, a floating toolbar, and a dedicated whiteboard mode, the RP703 and RP552 were great choices for classrooms, the library, meeting rooms, and more.

For the largest spaces, Zuyd decided to call on the power of the BenQ SU922 installation projector. Equipped with BenQ DLP technology, the SU922 was known for its long-lasting vibrant colors and its flexible installation options. Frequently hiding them in the ceilings of lecture rooms, Zuyd also appreciated how easy it was to adjust the SU922’s projection remotely. Even after installation, the SU922’s display settings could be tweaked to account for a moving screen or other factors.


Having had a few months to assess how the new display and projection technology is working out, Zuyd University has concluded that their choice to use BenQ has been an unmitigated success. By offering future-minded technology that is as easy to use as it is elegant, BenQ has helped launch the Ligne campus on the pathway to success. The campus’s juxtaposition of historic location and high-tech atmosphere attracts students; the clear images and user-friendly design of BenQ’s displays then help those students learn faster and better. Thanks to BenQ, Zuyd University is now closer than ever to the goal of being a place not only for learning, but also a place where students, professors, lecturers, professionals, and people from all walks of life gather, collaborate, and pursue their dreams.