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Bringing Multi-Touch Classroom Interactivity to British International School Riyadh

  • BenQ
  • 2019-04-01

Bringing Multi-Touch Classroom Interactivity to British International School Riyadh

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British International School Riyadh (BISR) in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, wished to upgrade its campus with display technology that was not only modern, but that would also enhance the classroom and provide teachers and students with new avenues to interact, teach, and learn.


Based on testimonials from other schools, BISR opted to bring BenQ Education Interactive Flat Panel Displays into its classrooms. With BenQ’s assistance they chose panels well-suited for the physical size of and number of students in each classroom.


The BenQ displays have been a major upgrade over the school’s previous classroom display technology. Teachers now actively integrate the displays into their lesson plans, while students are constantly eager to interact with the displays and their multi-touch capability. IT staff has also been extremely impressed by the displays’ ease of setup and use.

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An applied sciences university seeks to outfit their brand new campus with top-shelf display technology


BenQ Solution Used

  • BenQ SU922 Installation Projector
  • BenQ RP840G 4K 84" Education IFP
  • BenQ RP704K 4K 70" Education IFP
  • BenQ RP703 70" Education IFP
  • BenQ RP552 55" Education IFP



British International School Riyadh (BISR) is a not-for-profit educational facility that offers the full National Curriculum of England for students aged three to eighteen. Established in 1979 with support from Saudi Arabia’s British and Dutch embassies, the school initially aimed to serve Riyadh’s growing expat community. Despite modest beginnings, with only 33 students in its first year, the school has since flourished and now has a student population of about 1500 children. Since its founding, BISR has had a technological focus. The school has always been eager to seek out the best ways to use new technology to support proven pedagogical strategies. But as the pace of technological progress accelerates and the selection of hi-tech tools available to schools continues to grow, the staff at BISR found themselves struggling to decide which technologies to adopt. A classroom technological overhaul is a major undertaking. Before investing precious time and money into the tech renovation, the staff at BISR needed to feel confident that they were taking their school in the right direction.


As BISR Principal Chris Mantz began the search for new classroom display technology, one company’s name kept coming up in testimonials again and again: BenQ. A worldwide leader in display technology, BenQ had extensive experience working with schools. They could assess a school’s needs and provide the ideal display options. They could also deliver new displays on a timeline that wouldn’t conflict with the hectic pace of a school year. And most importantly, BenQ’s interactive flat panel displays were of the absolute finest quality, offering exceptional picture quality and multi-touch interactivity that could enliven classrooms and provide students and teachers with new ways to explore the curriculum. After consulting with BenQ, the staff at BISR decided to employ RP790 and RP860S Education Interactive Flat Panel Displays in its classrooms. With large-size screens of 79 and 86 inches, respectively, these two models were perfect for displaying vivid, clear 4K content at a scale suitable for the class sizes at BISR. Both models offered plug-and-play installation that made setup simple and effectively eliminated the technical issues that teachers had often encountered with older classroom display technology. The RP790 and RP860S also both came with BenQ’s exclusive Total Eye-Care Solution, designed to protect developing eyes with a combination of TÜV-certified low blue light and flicker-free technologies and anti-glare glass. And to protect classroom health, the RP860S comes with a germ-resistant screen that can stop germs in their tracks by disrupting their reproductive mechanism.


The new BenQ displays have received an extremely positive reception. BISR science teacher Lance Gerow says the BenQ displays are “seamless in [his] teaching,” while BISR’s Primary ICT Consultant Martyn Pegg remarks that “with the BenQ board … the children have fun with learning.” Multi-touch capabilities that allow multiple students to interact with the board simultaneously have brought a new level of interactivity to the classroom. The BenQ displays also have fans among the school’s IT staff, with IT Manager Alan Hill going as far as to say that “the quality of the screen is outstanding” and “we have no problems with them.” The British International School Riyadh has always lead the way when it comes to integrating technology into the classroom. Now, thanks to BenQ, they will continue to enjoy the finest in education display technology for years to come.