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Al Aqsa School SA Installs BenQ Education IFPs Across Campus To Upgrade Virtual And Classroom Lessons

  • BenQ
  • 2021-01-28

Al-Aqsa School is one of the leading educational organizations in Jeddah Saudi Arabia. It has around 3000 students on campus. Al-Aqsa School provides distinguished education and learning for all in line with global trends, in light of the educational policies of the Kingdom and with community participation, in an attractive and safe educational environment that elevates skills and capabilities, enriches scientific research, and encourages innovation and creativity.

Smart Classroom System is one of the main means of providing lessons on the Internet, where the basic elements that are needed by both the teacher and the student are provided, and it is one of the main means in the interactive distance education system that educational institutions around the world go to spread knowledge.

Facts at a Glance

Al Aqsa School Goes Virtual with

BenQ Interactive Flat panels


Year of Completion:







Jeddah, Saudi Arabia


BenQ Solution Used:

  • RP704K
  • RP750K
  • RM7502K



Al Aqsa Private School, Saudi Arabia wanted to upgrade their teaching and display equipment in order to impart better virtual education and minimise harmful contact via school equipment, especially keeping the pandemic in mind. Their older solutions lacked interactive features, and the school wanted to bring about a complete change in that. After consulting internally and researching multiple solutions, the school’s administration and staff decided to move ahead with BenQ’s education interactive panels that come with superior eye-care features and offer an impressive combination of quality and price. They installed 80 Education Interactive Flat Panel Displays across the entire school. The new panels offer functional capabilities that have transformed the way students and teachers interact and collaborate, creating a much more impactful virtual as well as a classroom learning experience for them.


Al-Aqsa School is one of the leading educational organisations in Jeddah Saudi Arabia and teaches around 3000 students on campus currently. Due to the pandemic, the school had to quickly make a shift to virtual classrooms keeping in mind the needs of the children, their safety and education both. Even though their students had to be confined at home for their own safety, the school did not want them to miss out on learning and growth in any shape, way, or form. The teachers wanted to ensure that students can collaborate, interact, and learn in a fun manner from their homes.


The administration at Al Aqsa sampled various solutions from vendors in the education space; they found what they were looking for in BenQ’s education interactive flat panels RP704K, RP7502, and RM7502K. They installed 80 of these education IFPs across their classrooms so that their teachers could host live virtual classes from the school as well as teach the physical attendees at the same time without any hassle or loss of school-based learning for the virtual students. The new 70-inch and 75-inch 4K UHD displays feature advanced ClassroomCare™ technologies like the third generation of Germ-Resistant Screen, Air Quality Sensors, and Eye-Care Solutions that help teachers and students to stay protected in the classroom. Teachers feel this will be even more useful in the time to come when full-attendance resumes in schools. To facilitate project-based and blended learning, BenQ’s education IFPs feature the exclusive in-class interactive whiteboard solution EZWrite and web-based whiteboarding app EZWrite Live for virtual and distance learning. Teachers can create a smart, collaborative and healthy environment within the school as well as for those learning from home with these.


BenQ’s education IFPs, RP704K, RP7502, and RM7502K have proven to be the ideal ally for educators at Al Aqsa school, especially during the pandemic. Teachers are now being able to host much more interactive and collaborative lessons virtually, resulting in better understanding and greater attention on the students’ part as well. From creating sticky notes whenever needed to taking one on one doubts in a virtual class and even conducting physical education lessons digitally, BenQ’s education IFPs have really transformed the way classes are held at Al Aqsa Private School.