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Smart Projector for Classroom creates a new blended learning
Build Blended Learning Classrooms with Smart Projector
Building Blended Learning Classrooms with Smart Projector

BenQ Smart Projector is built-in internet connectivity and web browser, facilitating schools to create flexible and diverse blended learning ready classrooms.

Wireless Screen Sharing

Connect to a Smarter World

Built-in Video Conferencing

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Wirelessly share your thoughts easily

Sharing & casting have never been easier with BenQ Smart Projector. Wireless casting through your phone, tablet or PCs. Enhancing interaction with students and staying flexible in the classroom.

A projector that lets you browse more

Smart Projector has a built-in Android system and web browser (Firefox), allowing teachers to instantly search for online teaching material in the classroom.

Hassle-free video conferencing

With built-in video conferencing app, teacher monitor remote students’ feedback and reactions simultaneously, and allow students to receive the same lesson concurrently and interact with each other on the big screen.

* Webcam is required. Users may access Blizz from BenQ suggests, or install any compatible video conferencing apk from a secure source.

Create an idea learning environment for blended learning
Empower Teachers to Easily Create an Ideal Learning Environment
Provide your teachers with the best teaching tool

Provide your teachers with the best and easy-to-use teaching tool to help engage with students at all times.

Smart Access to Your Own Teaching Material from Linked Cloud Storage

Control the Big Screen

Turn a smart device into a remote control

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Smart access to your teaching material in any classroom

Designed to save time on gathering teaching material, teachers can call up their own tailor-made supporting content from their linked cloud storage accounts to Smart Projector using Account Management System app from their own tablet or smartphone. Same teaching content, available in different classrooms.

Support for HID-compliant mice

Support for HID-compliant mice gives students complete control of on-screen content and makes classroom learning even more flexible.

Control the Smart Projector on your hands

Teachers can download the BenQ Smart Control app to their smartphone or tablet and use it to control the projector.

Manage BenQ's displays on the cloud increasing efficiency
Hassle-free Device Management
Manage devices with ease

It’s important to consider the long-term value and benefits of any new education technology you introduce to your school.

X-Sign Broadcast

Over-The-Air (OTA) Updates

Device Management System

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Empower your campus broadcasting system

X-Sign Broadcast – a wireless broadcasting system that helps schools deliver important school announcements in text, video or audio formats to dedicated or all classrooms instantly or within a timeline, complementing school’s PA system.

Keep your projectors up-to-date automatically

With OTA instant updates your projectors will always get the latest BenQ Launcher firmware. This ensures projector reliability and stability and allows your teachers and students to make the most of their time together.

Save time and labor with centralised control

With the unique DMS Local (Device Management System Local, schools can easily centralize projector control via a local network.

* Only available for E800ST series.

Choose Your Smart Projector
EH600 EW600 EX600 EW800ST EX800ST
Projection System 1080P
DLP Single 0.65"
DLP Single 0.65"
DLP Single 0.55"
DLP Single 0.65"
DLP Single 0.55"
Brightness 3,500 Lumens 3,600 Lumens 3,600 Lumens 3,300 Lumens 3,300 Lumens
Contrast Ratio 10,000:1 20,000:1 20,000:1 20,000:1 20,000:1
Native Aspect Ratio 16:9 16:10 4:3 16:10 4:3
Throw Ratio 1.49~1.64 1.55~1.7 1.96~2.15 0.49 0.61
Zoom Ratio 1.1X 1.1X 1.1X Fixed Fixed
Projection Size 60"~150" 60"~180" 60"~180" 60"~120" 60"~120"
Exclusive Software Account Management System, Device Management Solution, X-sign Broadcast System
High resolution series up to 1080P
E800 Smart Projector for Classroom with short throw capabilities for small-sized classrooms
Short-throw series for small-sized classrooms
Ready for Blended Learning?

See how BenQ Smart Projector can facilitate your blended classroom.

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