MIT ADT University found the all-in-one solution with BenQ Smart Projector
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  • 2022-04-18

About the School District

MIT Art Design and Technology University has been making concerted efforts for taking a leap toward a world-class education. It is amongst the leading Government recognized Private Universities within the ambit of the renowned MIT Group of Institutions, Pune. MIT ADT University Pune is a premier educational institution that aims to provide students with an education that equips them with the life skills, qualities, and values needed to become future leaders.  

The University is driven by the vision of delivering the world–class value-based education and Holistic development of the student’s personalities, enabling them to transform themselves into Future Global Leaders.

The Challenge

As a branch of one of India’s leading government-recognized private university systems, the MIT Group of Institutions, MIT Art, Design and Technology University located in Pune has a core mission to provide students with a holistic world-class education that prepares them to become future leaders. As such, the institution is constantly making concerted efforts to ensure that their classrooms stay up-to-date with any technology that can further enhance the student experience. So when the school’s leadership became aware of some of the hassles that their teachers were encountering with their classroom projectors, they quickly moved to address these issues. 

Teachers had expressed to the administration that the need to carry their laptops to-and-from classrooms across the expansive campus just to be able to utilize multimedia presentations in their classes was an unnecessary burden. Furthermore, even with their laptops in hand the teachers were still not guaranteed a smooth presentation as quite often the projectors required additional cables, accessories, and/or software to be able to integrate all the elements of their presentation. Thus, the leadership at the university needed to look for a new type of projector that would solve each of these issues.

BenQ Solutions

Because BenQ was the only brand in the Indian market that offered state-of-the-art smart projectors, along with the fact that the school had already been contentedly using BenQ monitors and IFPs for quite some time, the school’s decision makers quickly narrowed their search down to BenQ’s EW800ST and EX800ST PC-less projectors as the all-in-one solution to the challenges mentioned above. 

EW800ST and EX800ST provided MIT ADT University with smart projectors that featured a robust Android operating system built in, coupled with wireless connection capabilities, both of which would all but eliminate the need for teachers to carry their bulky laptops with them wherever they went. The Account Management System (AMS) app within each projector let teachers seamlessly access files located on their cloud storage accounts (OneDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox, or even the school’s own network drive) for use with their curriculum, while wireless screencasting capabilities gave students the option to quickly share and then interact with their own multimedia content without the need to connect any additional cables and/or devices.

For the school’s IT staff the deployment of EW800ST and EX800ST throughout the school was a blessing because it allowed them central management of all the projectors on campus including the ability monitor and control the status of each projector via BenQ’s Direct Management System (DMS) software, as well as limit or expand access to login accounts based on the school’s active directory via the Identity Access Management tool, all from a single administrative hub.

The Results

“"I recommend this to all educational institutions and universities. Also, for schools where there is limited infrastructure available: install a BenQ Smart Projector and your problem will be resolved."”

Once the projectors were installed in each classroom (over 50 projectors total), the teachers, students, and administration were able to get going with their new equipment with minimal training. Approval of the new technology was widespread throughout the school. The teachers lauded the convenience the projectors gave them by drastically decreasing the need to lug various devices around campus, while drastically reducing the time they previously spent setting up, transitioning to, and even troubleshooting their presentations so that they could focus solely on the essential goal of providing their students with a meaningful education.

The IT staff took full advantage of the central management features which made their work more effective and much more efficient, while the administration saw the cost-saving benefits that this resulted in and also felt further assured in their decision due to the level of after-sales support BenQ offered.

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