X-Sign User Manual

In this section, we'll explain how to manage content in X-Sign, control the player, and set up playlists.

X-sign 2.0

Release Information

2020 / 09 / 23

Release Date: September , 23, 2020

  • Optimization for Designer Express:
    (1) Add supported keyboard shortcuts
    Copy: ctrl + c
    Paste: ctrl + v
    Undo: ctrl + z
    Redo: ctrl + shift + z
    (2) Support proportional scaling for image,video,text widgets
    (3) Graphic interface optimization

  • New Features :
    Expand Cloud Storage from 100GB to 256G


Release Date: August , 05, 2020

The Release Notes document covers the following topics:

We are keeping improving our X-Sign users' experience. We will even expand Cloud Storage for our X-Sign users for free. Please stay tuned. 

Thanks for keeping using X-Sign.