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Игровой проектор с разрешением 4К HDR, минимальной задержкой вывода 16мс и частотой 60Гц | TK700

  • Рекордно низкая задержка вывода 16 мс при разрешении 4К

  • Специальный игровой режим для яркого и четкого изображения даже в темных сценах

  • Высокая яркость проектора 3200 Лм, 96% Rec.709, технология HDR



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  • Can I use GS2 to watch Netflix?
  • Can I install any apps on GS2? How?
  • Can I control GS2 with a mobile phone?
  • Can I connect GS2 to any game consoles?
  • Besides wireless projection, can GS2 project using other cables?
  • Can I use GS2 as a bluetooth speaker? Or, can GS2 connect to blutooth speakers or headphones?
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  • Can I use TK700 to play games?
  • Yes, definitely!

    TK700 is one of our top choices for console gaming. Our TK700 is specially designed for low latency wins in True 4K resolution, aiming to provide an authentic gaming experience with detailed clarity and optimal colors, made possible even in brightly lit living rooms with its 3200 high lumens.

  • Can I connect TK700 to any game consoles?
  • Yes. You can connect TK700 to your Sony PS5/PS4, Nintendo Switch, or Xbox Series X using an HDMI cable. 

  • What type of 4K HDR singal is compatible with TK700?
  • To automatically detect HDR content, please make sure your 4K player is sending a compatible 4K HDR signal to the projector.

    1. Compatible resolution: 4K x 2K (3840 x 2016 in pixels) at 24/25/30/50/60 (Hz).

    2. Compatible HDR signal: 

    • 4K/60p (60 Hz) 4:4:4 supports up to 8bits

    • 4K/60p (60 Hz) 4:2:2 supports up to 12bits

    • 4K/60p (60 Hz) 4:2:0 supports up to 12bits

    • 4K/24p (24 Hz) 4:4:4 supports up to 12bits

    • 4K/24p (24 Hz) 4:2:2 supports up to 12bits

    • 4K/24p (24 Hz) 4:2:0 supports up to 12bits

  • Which connectivity of TK700 supports HDR10/HLG?
  • TK700 will automatically detect HDR10/HLG and display compatible signals by connecting image source to HDMI-1 or HDMI-2 (HDMI 2.0b/HDCP2.2). Besides, USB-A 3.0 (Media Reader) also supports HDR10.

    Note: To automatically detect HDR content, please make sure your 4K player is sending a compatible 4K HDR signal to the projector.

  • Can I useTK700 as a Bluetooth speaker? Or, can it connect to Blutooth speakers or headphones?
  • Bluetooth function is run by QS01. If the TK700 you have comes with the QS01 dongle, please make sure it is installed properly and at its most updated version before you connect it via Bluetooth and:

    1. Use it as a Bluetooth speaker

    2. Or, connect to external Bluetooth speakers or headphones

  • Can I use TK700 to watch Netflix?
  • Yes. It is possible to watch Netflix, depending on the TK700 you have, using either of the following 2 methods: 


    1. If the TK700 you have comes with the QS01 dongle: You may use your own laptop (Windows/Chrome/MacOS) and the Chrome browser to stream media. First, make sure both TK700 and the laptop are under the same wireless network: WLAN mode, mobile hotspot mode; then click to activate the "Wireless Projection" app on the home screen before casting. 


    2. If the TK700 you have doesn't come with the QS01 dongle: Use HDMI cable plug-ins and watch with Apple TV/ SETUP BOX/ Game Console/ laptop.


    Please note that: 

    Paid streaming apps such as Netflix, Prime Video, Hulu, and Disney+ have copyright protection that prevents mirroring from mobile devices due to policies enacted and enforced by content owners.

  • If the TK700 I have comes with the QS01 dongle, can I control the ATV with a mobile phone?
  • TK700 is embedded with the Smart Control App. Once installed, you can control the projector with your own mobile and benefit from its intuitive UI. 

    *How to Use BenQ Smart Control App: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_h9kw3dphwM

  • How should I adjust the ceiling mount position to achieve a 100" screen if I upgrade from BenQ 1080p projectors, such as HT2150ST and TH671ST, to 4K TK700?
  • To project a screen size of 100", TK700 would require, with max zoom, a minimum distance of 8.1 ft (2.5m); HT2150ST would require a minimum distance of 5 ft (1.5m); TH671ST would require a minimum distance of 5 ft (1.5m)


    If you have further questions regarding screen sizes or distances, please use the link below for BenQ throw distance calculator: https://projectorcalculator.benq.com

    Or, click on the “Chat” button on your lower right screen for further support.