DLP Laser Dustproof Projectors is the Need of the Hour for India's Universities

  • BenQ
  • 2018-08-29

A February 2017 article published by the Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies summarised our nation’s pollution situation, “A brown cloud of pollution now frequently shrouds much of north India. It’s a growing health and environmental problem, and scientists are working to understand its many causes, which range from burning agricultural waste to auto emissions.” And it is affecting everything from local wheat yields to monsoon rainfall to general public health and even electronic devices, such as projectors.

No discussion on classroom projectors can be considered complete without taking into consideration ‘dust’. Dust in the air is a major concern all across India, where countless higher educational institutes - existing and new - operate. Couple this with another factor - education quality. Both new and existing universities are putting increasing emphasis on quality of education delivery to attract quality students in large numbers. Therefore, universities are turning to innovative technological hardware solutions like DLP laser dustproof projectors to address skyrocketing demand for quality education and environmental factors like ‘dust’.

Dustproof reliability

Dust accumulation on internal parts of the projector causes image blemish, thermal issue, signal detection failure, brightness and color decay. Dust accumulation on color wheel sensor causes flickering, abnormal color and shutdown. This disturbs classroom lessons and negatively effects teaching quality. BenQ’s BlueCore laser dustproof projectors with premiere protection of the light source, color wheel sensors and optical engine prevent dust entry, minimize downtime and maintain bright, fresh quality for years.

Image quality

This is a very important criterion when choosing classroom projectors. Universities understand and appreciate the connection between image quality and students’ learning outcomes. BenQ’s BlueCore laser projectors with dual color wheel system are known for their outstanding color performance. They increase color ratios, RGBY color purity, color saturation and brilliancy at the same lumen output of lamp-based projectors. This helps deliver superior viewing experiences to positively impact learning outcomes.

20,000 hours of maintenance free operation

Lamps in projectors have a maximum lifetime of 3000-5000 hours and need frequent lamp replacement. This increases the overall cost of projector maintenance. This is not the case with laser projectors, which are maintenance-free and have a lifetime of 20,000 hours, more than 4 times that of lamp-based projectors. The laser light source resists color and brightness decay over longer periods of time, thereby offering maintenance-free performance for years.

Instant on/off

What happens when you turn on or turn off a lamp-based projector? Don’t they take a seemingly eternal time to respond? Superior to conventional lamp projectors that require warm up and cool down time, BenQ laser education projectors turn on and off instantly, without waiting. The projectors attain maximum brightness without the need for warming up. This saves valuable time for lectures and important instructional presentations.

BenQ has taken market leadership with its industry-leading laser and dustproof projector designs. The BenQ BlueCore laser projector is a fine example. It gives superb image quality, maintenance-free operation and helps educational institutions deliver best on ROI and learning outcomes.

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