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Bagaimana cara menghubungkan layar ke internet?


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1. Pada layar beranda tampilan, pilih .

    Jendela masuk tampil.

2. Masuk menggunakan admin credentials.

    Layar awal tampil.

3. Pilih .

    Jendela pengaturan tampil.

4. Pilih Network.

5. Lakukan salah satu tindakan berikut.





Use Ethernet connection


1. Ensure that the display is connected to the local area network via Ethernet cable.

2. Tap Ethernet.

3. The Ethernet settings window appears.

    Enable Ethernet.

4. Configure the settings.


Use Wi-Fi connection


1. Ensure that a Wi-Fi dongle is connected to the display.

2. Tap Wi-Fi.

    The Wi-Fi settings window appears.

3. Enable Wi-Fi.

    Available Wi-Fi connections appear.

4. Tap a connection from the list.

    The settings window appears.

5. Configure the settings.

6. Tap Connect.